Okami-san and Her Seven Companions

Plot: Ryoko Okami (AKA Okami-san) is a member of the Otogi Bank, a school club that carries out favors for people and asks for favors as payment. Ryoshi Morino is the screw-up of a boy who loves Ryoko for the kindness she hides beneath her prickly exterior. To get close to Okami-san, Ryoshi joins the Otogi Bank... (B)

Characters: A

Art & Animation: A

Voice Acting: Original Japanese (A)/ Dub (A-)

Music: B+

Objectionable Content: Suggestive material, innuendo, profanity, fanservice, blood

Other: Okami-san and her Seven Companions parodies fairytales, and the characters are loads of fun. On the other hand, it also deals with some touchy real-world material.

The series is only twelve episodes long, and it doesn't wrap much up by the end.

Overall Score: B

Recommendation: 2.5/5

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