Darker Than Black

Plot: Following the appearance of "Hell's Gate" and "Heaven's Gate", the sky changed, and so did many people. Some people became "contractors", essentially, super-powered people ruled by logic who pay the price for their powers in various ways; others became "dolls", emotionless beings able to send out "specters" that they can see through. With their abilities, contractors and dolls are kept secret from the masses and used by various organizations for their own ends. One such contractor, codenamed Hei, is an assassin for the mysterious Syndicate. After "Heaven's Gate" disappeared, Hei's sister went missing, and now he is searching for information about the Gate and his sister as he and his team complete missions for the Syndicate. (A)

Characters: A

Art & Animation: A

Voice Acting: Dub is good (A)

Music: Slightly overbearing at times (A-)

Objectionable Content: Blood, profanity, suggestive themes

Other: An interesting concept, interesting abilities and interesting characters handled well. The episodes' stand-alone stories are well-written. (I also love the series' powerful anti-smoking campaign.) The first season is very good (minus the excessive blood shown in some parts).

The second season, however, is a letdown. The characters have more or less been thrown out the window and rewritten (specifically Hei, who the writers totally changed), new characters are introduced, and the story isn't as strong. The music is also handled by a different composer, so the second season has an almost completely different feel altogether. That's not to say it doesn't have a few good points; but overall, it doesn't even feel like the same series.

Overall Score: B+

Recommendation: 3/5

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