Dawn of the Arcana

Plot: The kingdoms of Senan and Belquat are both located on a small island and are constantly warring. When the fighting becomes too severe, a marriage alliance will sometimes be arranged to quell the conflict. Princess Nakaba of Senan has been handed over to Prince Caesar of Belquat in a political marriage. This princess has red hair, while custom holds that royalty only has black hair. Scorned for her red hair and protected only by her half-canine Ajin servant, Loki, Nakaba will have to learn how to survive both this kingdom and her new husband, and how to control the fearsome power that has been sleeping within her -- the Arcana of time. (A)

Characters: B+

Art: B

Objectionable Content: Blood, sexual undertones, profanity

Other: The art is a bit weak, but the premise is good. Several conflicts are going on at the same time -- the political games between kingdoms and even within Belquat's royal family, the oppression of the demi-humans (called Ajin), the royalty's derision of commoners, and the personal struggles of Nakaba, Caesar and Loki -- making for a complex, multi-layered story.

Overall Score: B+

Recommendation: 2/5

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