Zennou no Noa

Plot: On January eleventh, 2038, a white light washed through Tokyo and stole the memories of more than a million people. This incident became known as "triple one" -- cause and culprit unknown. Many of the over a million amnesiacs were left with the knowledge and mentality of children, earning them the nickname, "KIDz". Deemed dangerous by the government, the KIDz were moved to an underground city to be re-educated and studied.

Noa Ikurumi is one of the KIDz, who dreams of one day returning to the surface. In the meantime, he lives with some orphans and goes to school, taking one day at a time. The calm is broken when a terrorist attack occurs, and Noa is taken hostage. The biggest shock is what she tells him -- that he is the one responsible for the triple-one incident... (A+)

Characters: B+

Art: B+

Objectionable Content: Blood, profanity, sexual harassment

Other: An interesting, original premise handled well.

Overall Score: B+

Recommendation: 3/5

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