Plot: Beyblading -- battling special tops by seeing which can out-spin the other -- is the new gaming phenomenon that has swept across the world. And rookie beyblader Tyson is out to show what he's made of. It also helps that his beyblade contains the essence of an ancient beast called Dragoon. With this secret weapon, Tyson joins the national Beyblading tournament in hopes of making it to the top. Along the way, he finds others with bit-beasts like his Dragoon, battles old rivals and makes new friends -- and, to his surprise, these friends (well, minus one, Kai, the ruthless ex-leader of the Blade Sharks gang) will join him as a team to take on the world! (Tournament anime -- meh... But for the twists thrown in, I'll give this a C+)

Characters: A-

Art & Animation: Manga: B- / First season: A- / V-Force: B / G-Revolution: B+

Voice Acting: Original Japanese -- D+ / Dub -- C

Music: C+

Objectionable Content: Mild (but I hear the Japanese version has blood?). Manga has crude humor and some profanity.

Other: Yes, this is a tournament anime with a load of product promotion and whatnot, but it does a good job with character story arcs, earning it some brownie points. Another thing it has going for it is the comedy aspects (for instance, if you listen closely, the announcers are constantly joking during the tournaments and poking fun at each other). Plus, you've gotta admit the bit-beasts are pretty cool (especially the first season's monochrome-style ones).

The manga is a mixed-up jumble of all the seasons of the anime. Though it does shine some light on a few facts excluded from the anime, it's pretty confusing.

Overall Score: C+

Recommendation: 1.5/5

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