No. 6

Plot: No. 6 is the ideal city, one of six city-states built on the ashes of a destroyed world. On his twelfth birthday, a boy named Shion meets an injured boy named Nezumi and treats his wounds. Nezumi disappears the next morning, and an alert goes out across the city for information about an escapee from the correctional facility -- who turns out to be Shion's new friend. When he refuses to give any information about Nezumi, Shion is stripped of his upper-class status and priveleges.

Four years later, a mysterious disease is sweeping through No. 6. When Shion tries to investigate the matter, he is charged with insubordination and put under arrest. On the way to the correctional facility, Nezumi rescues Shion and takes him outside the city. After Shion narrowly survives the disease himself, he is determined to develop a cure and get it to No. 6 -- but the friend who saved his life wants to see the city destroyed... (A)

Characters: A-

Art & Animation: A

Voice Acting: A

Music: C

Objectionable Content: Blood, suggestive themes, profanity

Other: Other than the music (which wasn't very good), my only complaint about this series is that it plays with shonen-ai/yaoi. That aspect was totally unnecessary to the story, which was amazing without it.

Overall Score: B

Recommendation: 2.5/5

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