Plot: Ash Ketchum has just reached the age where he is eligible to become a Pokemon trainer. On this first day of his journey, just about everything goes wrong: he's too late to get one of the standard starter Pokemon and left with a difficult Pikachu; that Pikachu gets attacked by Spearow; Ash steals a bike to rush it to the Pokemon center and the owner of said bike starts chasing him around, demanding that he return it or pay for it. Despite the rocky start, Ash and his Pikachu finally start getting along, and, joined by Misty (owner of the stolen bike) and ex-gym leader, Brock, he gets on the (long) road to becoming a Pokemon master! (C)

Characters: B-

Art & Animation: C+

Voice Acting: C

Music: B

Objectionable Content: Mild

Other: Individual stories are good and give lots of laughs. But the characters are relatively weak (in comparison to its "mon" anime competitors), and the overall plot never really goes anywhere. In newer seasons, the voice acting goes down the tubes, and fan-favorite characters are dropped. The series' makers just need to quit. (The things shameless product promotion can do... *sighs*)

Overall Score: C+

Recommendation: 1.5/5

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