Tsubasa: Those With Wings

Plot: At the end of the 22nd century, wars have all but destroyed the planet, and everyone but the military and the well-to-do live in poverty. Kotobuki is an orphan who is looking to get off of her path of thievery; Raimon is a military man who is in love with Kotobuki. The two of them soon find themselves traveling together as they search for the legendary "Tsubasa", which is said to grant wishes... (A-)

Characters: B+

Art: B+

Objectionable Content: Explicit material, strong profanity

Other: Since I enjoyed "Fruits Basket" (for the most part), I wanted to try "Tsubasa". Promising story, entertaining characters -- ruined by explicit sex between the unwed "hero" and "heroine" of the story. I was sorely disappointed and stopped reading after the second omnibus/Big volume.

Overall Score: B+

Recommendation: 1/5 (Stopped reading)

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