Plot: After their parents are murdered, Thor and his twin brother, Rai, are dropped on a planet called Chimaera, where the worst criminals are sent to die, and fighting is the only way to survive. Rai is killed, but Thor is taken in by the Ochre Ring. There, he learns that the only way off of Chimaera is to work his way to the top of his ring and defeat the other leaders -- only then can he take the shuttle back to his home planet, Juno, and unravel the mystery of his parents' murder. (Good concept -- A)

Characters: A-

Art & Animation: A

Voice Acting: Dub -- A-

Music: B+

Objectionable Content: Blood, suggestive themes, profanity

Other: The first episode or two make it seem like a survival battle "Lord of the Flies" style. But, thankfully, that isn't the case. The story picks up quickly, has plenty of good twists, and even at its short eleven or twelve episode length, it's not a bad wrap-up. (Still didn't like the end for certain reasons.)

Overall Score: B+

Recommendation: 2/5

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