Plot: In the future, seven super-powered clans fight for control under their "kings". Yashiro Isana lives on-campus at his high school, which is built on a small island. His life is peaceful there until someone that looks like him is caught on video killing a member of one of the clans. With clan members now on his trail, a dangerous man named Kuro hunts him down to carry out his late mentor's request -- deem whether the new "colorless king" is good or evil; and if he is evil, kill him. While Yashiro tries to prove that he hasn't killed anyone, he is targeted by the other clans and soon becomes embroiled in their war. (A)

Characters: B+

Art & Animation: A+

Voice Acting: A

Music: A+ (on the interior music, but not the opening or ending XD)

Objectionable Content: Blood, nudity, strong profanity, fan service/suggestive themes

Other: The series is confusing at the outset, but progressively pieces together what's going on. The art is amazing, the interior music is unique, and the characters are fun. The biggest blows against it are the level of objectionable content and its hints at shonen-ai.

Overall Score: A-

Recommendation: 3/5

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