Code: Breaker

Plot: Sakura Sakurakoji stumbles upon a dark secret when she sees gang members incinerated in a strange blue fire one night. The person responsible is Rei Ogami, a nonexistent code: breaker -- an agent used by the government organization, Eden, to kill those the law does not punish. When Ogami transfers into Sakura's class, she uses the opportunity to try to convince him to stop killing. But it seems Ogami has his own convictions as to why he punishes evil with death. In a strange turn of events, Ogami winds up being Sakura's protector, and Sakura soon comes into contact with other code: breakers... (B)

Characters: Could be stronger, but perhaps I'm jumping the gun on this judgment. (B)

Art & Animation: A

Voice Acting: A

Music: Often distracts the viewer from what's going on. (C-)

Objectionable Content: Blood, some strong language, suggestive themes

Other: Like "Code Geass", this is another antihero series where notions of justice and dark reality clash. Sakura's more balanced approach is rather refreshing, keeping the series from getting too dark and gritty.

The manga is a bit darker than the anime. The story seems to stay pretty much the same between the two, but the anime chops out parts to quicken the pace and brings the other code: breakers into the picture much earlier.

Overall Score: B

Recommendation: 2.5/5

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