Yatterman Night (Yoru no Yatterman)

Plot: Generations ago, the heroic Yattermen defeated the evil Donboro gang, bringing peace to the Yatter Kingdom. Leopard and her mother and two attendants are the descendants of the exiled villains. Despite poor conditions, they all live happily. When her mother falls sick, Leopard hurries to the Yatter Kingdom to ask the heroes for help -- only to be mercilessly chased away. Disillusioned with the so-called heroes who allowed her mother to die, Leopard revives the Donboro gang and sets out to punish the corrupt Yattermen. (A)

Characters: B

Art & Animation: B

Voice Acting: B+

Music: A-

Objectionable Content: Profanity, suggestive/sexual material

Other: I've never seen the original "Yatterman", so I'm sure I'm missing all kinds of references and homages in this new incarnation. Some points in the series can be awkward, but so far it's an interesting take on the traditional "good-guys-vs-bad-guys" formula.

Overall Score: B+

Recommendation: 2.5/5

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