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Welcome, Welcome! please do enjoy and take a look at all my posts hope you find something you may like Probably not! But do come take a look!!

Uh oh new Obsession

I found sword art online and now oh now lol ivlove it so far and its sad too.


Anybody like to Role play?? :3 I do a variety of them so if you like to lemme know!

Black Butler II Bloopers

I died Laughing at this!!! omg!! you guys have to watch this!

Suite Precure

Stumbled on this looking through youtube magical transformations i found the name of the anime and started watching it. Along the way i found others that go along with this like, heartcatch precure and smile precure! its a super cute anime their is also movies where all the precures come together called precure all stars!!! Please take a look and give me your input guys what do you think of it which character do you like the most?? if you want i can give you a list of all the precure animes if you ask!!!

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Taiwan and Japan hetaila MMD

My best friend made this for me and i really like it i hope you all do too!