I'll go jump off this roof now

Did I post anything about the holidays?
Gosh I don't think so

Happy kind of really late Holidays/New Year to you all! I swear I've been on...just not posting...
I have an excuse!! I was sick, so I couldn't get on for a few days

Being sick is the worst. Especially when it FINALLY snows and you're stuck inside like 'if I move I am going to throw up what is left of my stomach'

Thankfully Christmas was not one of those horrid sick days and I had lots of fun!
if there are typos in this post it is because i cannot type on this machine ._.
LAPTOP! Yeah! Woo! Aaaahahah my gosh okay so yeah got a laptop. Overload of excitement OuO
Aaaand a Sherlock coat, or a long Pea Coat that's like down to my ankles
I could wear it as a dress
a very cozy, detectiveish dress

Also a Hero of Heart hoodie that is the most comfortable thing in the world and a Hero of Rage tee that I don't think my grandmother realized was rage because she was probably just like 'ooh it's purple! I bet she'd look wonderful in this'
so I'm going to try to maybe to a casualTier Kurloz....
because Kurloz is cool.....in some ways >.>

I really want to video chat with you guys but my mom would kill me if I did ;-;

Anywho I hope you guys had good holidays!
great holidays
Have any of you seen/read Cloud Atlas? I've just started the book, so far it's very good! I quite like Adam c: but his journal just ended....in the middle of a sentence...
I and intrigued owo
and wishing that Ben Whishaw's face wasn't turned to the side on the cover .n.
why Ben...why

I leave you with a wonderful face
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