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Character Guide: Inuyasha

Characters: Inuyasha

Inuyasha: Inuyasha (sometimes spelled Inu-Yasha)is a half-demon, or hanyou, as it's often called. His father was a full-fledged demon, yet seems to never recieve an official name in the anime or any of the movies. Therefore, he's sometimes refered to as the "Great Dog Demon". Inuyasha's mother was named Izayoi. She was a human who cared deeply about her son. She cried for him when he was younger, knowing what he would have to go through in his life. She died before Inuyasha was pinned to the Sacred Tree, or the Tree of Ages, by Kikyo, 50 years before Kagome arrives in the Feudal Era.
Inuyasha has a very short temper, and he's very strong. Wielding Tesusaiga, he fights battles on his quest to defeat Naraku. Oh, and he wants to protect Kagome.
Appearance: It's been debated exactly what color his hair is. In his half demon form, his hair appears white, but is described by Yura in episode three of the anime as being silver. In his human form, his hair is black. In any case, his hair is always long, and he has a lock of hair on either side of his face. In half demon form, he has yellow eyes. In human form, he has brown eyes. Also, in human form, his cute dog ears disappear, and his entire appearance is that of a human. In full demon form, his eyes are red with blue pupils, and he has one jagged purple stripe on each side of his face.
Feelings: He loves both Kikyo and Kagome. Although he swears he will protect Kagome, he goes looking for Kikyo if he hears even a rumor that she is around. Kikyo was his first "crush", and he can't forget about her. Kagome tries to be patient about this, but she is still a little jealous.