CHAA! Welcome to the ANBU Lounge, where crazy ninja can get together and just post stuff (a.k.a. a blog about my friends' and my life as a ninja in the Naruto parallel and/or alternate universe)...Um...Okay, enough. I'm not Hinata. I'm more like Tsunade, according to my buds...CHAA! Bring me Kakashi and no one gets hurt. Except maybe Ebisu and Jiraiya for peeking.....So, let the kunai fall where they may and let the ninja-ing begin...(I didn't say go yet, Naruto.)**Also, I do not own Naruto or anything related to it, other than merchandise, anime, and manga that I have bought. Those are my copies, they're legal, and good luck trying to get your grubby little paws on them...** (pulls out her bow)

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Kira's Kingdom--Check it Out!!

Hey, Otakuites!! Check it out--SupportKIRA and bonesnatcher are making a Death Note RP and are looking for players. This is a new game thingy and they are looking for recruits and I just thought I would help them out...though they might write my...

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Between Missions, Day 13: It WORKED??!!

I led Kakashi to the tower in the middle of the Forest. He followed obediently, like a puppy. Just like the one that had fallen asleep in the middle of my bra. Thankfully, the dog hadn't pressed that cold, wet nose to my...chest qu...

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Between Missions, Day 12: Sparring Sharingan Style

It was incredible. I had to admit that much. A Sharingan, even singular, in action was...formidable. Even for me. I didn't know how much more that I--or my ego--could take. Thankfully, every now and then, I did get the drop on Kakashi Hatake,...

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Between Missions, Day 11: Pakkun

Kakashi and I walked, thankfully and mercifully alone, to the training grounds at the edge of the Forest of Death. I looked around, reminiscing. I sighed and smiled. "What is it?" Kakashi asked, tilting his head questioningly. "Swee...

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