a story i been working on and may make it into a anime book hope you like it

Story begins a girl name Crystal that 16 year old, which has amnesia but livening a normal life and livening with Bell. But her life is going to chain soon.
In being in October Crystal was with her friends Mary and Bell. Hay crystal did you here there going to be a new kid tomorrow Mary said. I heard that too but I don’t care Crystal said oh come on I heard he vary cute and mysterious Bell said. Yes but I like Kai she said looking at him reading in a class next door and then he look her and smile, Crystal turn around and she was red in the face. “I know, you like I’m for 6 years ever sense he help you that time ” Mary said “I know I just wish we were in the same class we the same grade” said Crystal After school Bell and Mary went home but Crystal had to finish some work, when Crystal was done she left and then she was walking through in the park it was getting dark when she noised a boy lending on a tree, she never seen before and she could not see his face then He started walking then walk past Crystal, "in all this time you should try who you truly are or your suffer again and I don’t want that happen again he said, Crystal turn around and he was gone. “Who was he and want does he mean she said. Later Crystal was at home in her bed room and trying to think who he is and why do he seem so familiar. Then Bell came in, you look trouble are you ok Bell said , Crystal told her what happen and that’s strange want he said then Bell said I don’t know maybe he know you, we found you out on the street when you 10 with no memory who you are. “I know and I thank you for taking me in and that was time Kai came help me out. Crystal said I know you didn’t say anything for a week then he came bay to help you, you started talking Bell said “ya said Crystal…. I got thinks this over so good night” Crystal said well ok just go to bed soon ok Bell said Ok Bell said Crystal then Bell left , as Crystal was thinking over but then she went to bed. Crystal was having a weird dream were she flying with white wigs into the city in the park where she was waiting for someone but he never came she cry and started run but not watching where she ran, she were about to fly off when she got hit by a car as you all most back out you heard someone shout her name, the voice sound very familiar. Just then she woke up to see a black finger next to her, Crystal was about to scream when he kiss her, she tried to get a way but he had hold on her. Then she felt a sting on her lip that hurt then let go and ran out Crystal when to look for him but he was gone. Crystal knows that her lip was bleeding but all so saw a white feather, that felt familiar but she when to bed before washing the blood off her lip in confuse. Just who was that guy and why does it feels so familiar when kiss here she said to herself before going to sleep….

To be continue
part 2

The next morning Crystal wakes up, as getting ready when she notices that her lip haves a cut. She was thinking it was weird get scratch by a kiss and why he kiss her but she didn’t let that bother her she was all ready confused was going on. She got done eating a when to school with Bell, when they were in class Crystal just watching Kai sitting and reading. Crystal! Stop drooling and talk to him Bell said “what! I can’t he so cute and I’m nerves when I get close to him” said Crystal “o come on you know him for long time you can do it” Bell said “no thanks I just watching him” Crystal said Bell got annoyed “that it’s!” grabbing Crystal “you are going to talk to him” said Bell. Crystal try to run but Bell keep on pushing her then got her in front of him he look up, “hi said Kai smile. Crystal was red in the face “hay...There...” she said nerves. “Is ok to be nerves” he said “ok …Crystal was happy, they talk for a while when they was done Crystal ran to Bell “thank you I got to talk to him and I’m going walk with him after school ” she said “that good I knew you can do it” said Bell. Bell notice Crystal lip “hay what happen to your lip? Said Bell “oh I fell and bit my lip hard” said Crystal. Crystal didn’t what her to worry, Bell look at her then sat down the bell ring and the teacher talk “ok class we got a new student here Mark” he came in look like cute with black hair and wearing black clothing that’s look good on him, he look at Crystal and smile Crystal look at him confuse but felt something that was familiar like she knew him but she never met him, but then felt pain in her head but try not let her bug her. Crystal ignore it all day when school was done Mary caught up with her “hay I here you are going out to Kai I see” said Mary “yes but it’s just a walk to his home that all said Crystal “I know you are but your with him’ said Mary Just then Mark walk and smile Crystal felt more pain in her head that all most made her lost her balance, “are you ok! Mary said “I’m ok just a headache” said Crystal are you sure you don’t look well said Mary in worry “no is ok” Crystal said then running off she did not what her to worry, she saw Kai then started walking and try to not let it bug her. They talk for awhile and laugh, she fell glad that she was with him and for some reason made her headache go away, when they got to his house, “so see you tomorrow I had a good time” Kai said “me to see you” said Crystal walking away as it got dark she ran through in the park she saw a boy lending on a tree like he was waiting for someone and it was too dark to see who it was, she thought it may be that same boy form last time she what to know she walk to him “ where you here last night” Crystal ask he didn’t say a word “are you ok? She ask he didn’t say anything that got more confuse “are you waiting for someone” then he stand up said “I’m am but you were waiting for someone that you care form before... try to remember” it was that same person form before but what he said gave her felt as she was hit with something hard as something was come back to her she saw people with white wigs and black bat wings and see something dark like she lock up but when she try to see more she black out….

To be continue

part 3

As Crystal was black out she keep hearing something like wings and people voices calling her princess and she can all most make the rest out but woke up if out she was in her room. “Where…how” Crystal said vary confuse “Crystal! Someone said she turns to see it was Bell “Are you ok you look like had a bad dream” said Bell ‘I don’t know... How did I get here I was talking to that same guy form before and think I blackout said Crystal “that’s makes little sense I heard a knock at the door and I found you down on the door steps” Bell said “Any way you ok you look pale” Bell said in worry “I don’t know something about him I keep on seeing things but not a clear and that don’t make sense I’m seeing things like people with wigs and something dark that I’m lock up but I can make it out and that guy and something about mark . “I thought they are dreams but it feels so real, there like my memory, “I just don’t know any more said Crystal” Bell look at her worry “try not to be so work up about this, we figure this out later ok and try to go back to bed” said Bell “ok I try” said Crystal Bell walk out of her room, Crystal was laying in her bed trying not to think about but it was hard for her, just then she saw white feather at the window Crystal look notice it was the same kind of feather form before, it felt so familiar to her that warm her up, Crystal felt little better then went to sleep she dream of walking in gardens near a big castle that was beautiful . The next morning Crystal woke up when to eat, “hay look a lot better” said Bell “ya I feel better now said Crystal “that good, let go to school Bell said “ok maybe I get Kai out on a date he he” said Crystal “go for it” Bell said they went to school and went they got their Mark wasn’t there Crystal felt glad and sad that the same time and didn’t know why she try let it bug her. Then she saw Kai sting outside “hay Kai said Crystal” “hay Crystal you look better Kay said” “why do you say that in question said Crystal “oh you didn’t look well yesterday and I notices you not been looking well this past 2 days are you ok said Kai “oh a lot been going on said Crystal “what it is you can tell me Kai said smiling, Crystal feel she trust him so she sat down with him “ok but don’t tell anyone” she didn’t tell everything but told him about these dreams but almost like memory’s and that mysterious boy at the park and Mark, after she was done she notices he look a he was worry and angry at the same time. When he notice she was looking at him in question, Kai look down and up and smile “there nothing to worry about I just thought of something and you’ll figure this out some time Kai said smiling have his hand on her head “I hope so and thanks said Crystal” “well see you tomorrow said Kai “ok see you” said Crystal. Then later when she walks home she had to walk to the park to get home when Crystal was walking the park she notices that he wasn’t there at the spot. She thought she gets a break form that but just then a black finger grab her from behind “it’s time to remember before them come for you” he said Crystal notices his voice it was the boy from before “no let go of me she yelled “no! I’m not loosing you a again he said he did something Crystal felt a lot pain on her neck and her head she see all of it coming back before she make them all out for some reason he let go fasts and she saw a sharp object next to her. Crystal look up and what look like a guy with a mask and white wigs “you leave her alone she coming with us” guy with the wings said “no you guys keep her lock up so she can’t be with me” the black finger said angry “no were not letting your blood mix with her and turn one of yours you vampire the wing guy said black finger got really angry he grew black bat wigs they started fighting back and forth. Crystal watch them looking confuse and in pain then she get up “stop it! She yelleds the too look at her and ran into each other and fell down Crystal ran to them when she got to them they were in the open where the moon light she saw their faces (the guy mask fell off) too see it was Mark and Kai “Mark! Kai was going on! She said shocking……

To be continue

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