First gif

Just a quick 5-minute gif. :P

I will post my gifs on my own personal site, and link it here. Please get your gifs from there! (I had to do this because theO won't let me upload GIFs! ><)

This is a 10-frame gif I just did to show some things I can do. I'll upload more as a make them!


OK! I've seen lots of gifs out there recently, so I've been practicing my own! Besides my cosplaying fetish, I am hardcore otaku...Although I'm terrible with Paint and drawing >< Either way, please comment here, and within a few days, I will post up your animated gif. I can also do non-animated gifs, if wanted I'll do my best!

P.S. I can make the gifs avatar size (100x100) or I can make them bigger, please tell me what size(s) you want! :D I can also do colored and/or patterned borders, but again, you have to tell me ;)

Comments should look like the one I posted in the comment box. :D (Or something similar)