Light, You Were Wrong

Raito couldn’t keep the grin off his face as he helped the task force pile L’s stuff into boxes. It was just another reminder of his triumph over his biggest enemy, and only obstacle. Now he was free to rule the world as Kira, not to mention the fact that he might be able to be rid of Misa. He supposed it depended on if anyone else as worthy as Ryuzaki was brought to help on the case.

“Oi, Raito-kun! Clear out his drawers, would you?” Raito nodded in Matsuda’s direction to show that he understood. He made his way over to L’s bedside table, relishing in the fact that he was getting to see more than most people could dream of. Raito almost laughed as he thought of what the insomniac’s reaction would be if he’d found out the team had gone through his room. He was disappointed to find that the only thing in the drawer was a bunch of half empty cookie boxes. Sighing with boredom, he began piling them into a large cardboard box, not really paying attention to what he was doing. He gave a start when he lifted a bag of Hello Kitty cookies and found a worn piece of paper under it that had clearly been folded many times.

And on the side facing him, plain as day, was his own name.

Raito glanced around to check that everyone else was busy before snatching the note and hastily stuffing it into his coat pocket. He was just too curious to not read it later. After piling the rest of the treats into the box, he stood and began to head toward the door, hoping the other investigators wouldn’t notice his departure. Luck was not on his side.

“Eh, Raito-kun? Where are you going? We still have work to do!” Aizawa turned to the teen with slight annoyance as he used the back of his hand to wipe sweat off his eyebrow. Raito’s father also scowled at him in disapproval.

“Huh? Oh, well, I was going to meet Misa. She’s wanted to go on a date for a couple weeks and I thought maybe I could see her…” Raito lied, doing his best to keep a pleasant smile on his face. He hoped they’d buy it, he had to know what was written inside the note! His father and Aizawa’s scowls deepened and he cursed internally.

“You can see her afterward. Please, help us out now.” Aizawa spoke in a flat tone that told him it was not at all a request. Raito sighed, condemned to his fate, and was therefore pleasantly surprised when Matsuda hit Aizawa on the head and spoke in a cheery and somewhat annoying voice.

“Come on Aizawa, it’s his girlfriend! Obviously, you’ve never been in love before, or you’d know what he’s going through.” A vein throbbed in Aizawa’s forehead.

“Oh, and YOU know what love is?!”

Chief Yagami sighed, watching the two bicker before turning to his son.
“Raito, you can go if you must. You’ve worked hard.” Raito nodded his head, doing his best not to show keep inside his excitement as he walked briskly out of the room. Before he closed the door behind him, he heard Matsuda yell out in shock.

“Hey guys! There are guns and hand cuff's in L’s closet!”


Raito burst through his bedroom door, fumbling briefly with the lock before sprinting over to his bed and throwing himself down to read the note. Ryuk noticed all this with his usual eerie grin.

“My my, seems like someone’s eager. What’s that?” Raito glared at the Shinigami in annoyance before responding curtly with a shake of his head. Ryuk took this to mean he better shut up, or there’d be no apples in the foreseeable future.

The brunette settled onto his bed, unfolding the note carefully so as not to tore the paper, and started to read.

"Dear Raito-kun,

If you’re reading this, it most likely means that I am dead, because I don’t think you dare to risk attempting to go through my things otherwise. Moreover, if I am indeed dead, it was most likely because of you, seeing as you are Kira. No matter how many percentages the evidence gave me, I always knew in my heart that it was 100%.

But I had hoped, impossibly, to be wrong."

Raito’s eyes widened slightly in surprise. L had hoped he was wrong? He’d never given off that impression, especially with how often he pursued his suspicions. Shaking his head in mild disbelief, Raito continued reading.

"No doubt you are surprised by this revelation. That is understandable, seeing as I spent the majority of my time around you attempting to pester you into a confession. But it is true."

"You see Raito, when I said that you were my first friend, we had both taken it as a challenge. Our relationship was purely on a platonic level, a show put on in order to psyche each other out. But amazingly enough, I was happy with this false companionship. Even though you were nothing but annoyed by my presence, I found that I was actually enjoying our little quarrels, and I did indeed come to see you as something of a friend."

"I didn’t enjoy talking to Misa though. That girl is just plain stupid."

"And it was indeed refreshing to speak with you. After all, before we met I had never before had the pleasure of talking with someone whose intellect rivaled mine. Forgive me for saying so, but while our arguments caused you nothing but annoyance, or perhaps rage, they were fun for me.

I’m sure it’s much quieter now that I’m gone."

You know Raito, I honestly don’t know why I’m writing this. It’s a surreal feeling, jotting it down as I watch you sleep. (I’m supposed to be observing you, remember? Did you really think I stopped only because you went to bed? We are in the same room, after all, due to these handcuffs.) Because right now you do not have your memories, and you are an innocent boy lying close to me, breathing shallow puffs of air that are tickling my ankles. It’s so difficult to think at times like this that you are a murderer or a liar, or anything other than a brilliant honor student. But I know that when you read this your memories will have returned, and you will be in your own house and I will be dead. And you cease to be solely Raito Yagami, but will also become Kira, a revolutionary and childish “god”. Indeed, I do not want to believe it."

"But I do."

"And even though it is one of your pet peeves, I have a few statistics that might interest you. Because that is how I think. Statistics are as much a part of who I am as sweets and horrendous posture. And they’ve made everything perfectly and painfully clear."

"To start off, as I stated before, I am 100% certain you are Kira. I’m also 100% sure you will kill me, and Misa may be involved somehow. Hopefully she will not play a big role, I can’t stand the thought of her killing me. But that is where the factual statistics end, and the emotional ones begin."

"You see, I am 50% sure I can beat you in a fight, 30% sure I could bear watching you die, 70% sure we could have been real friends if it weren’t for this Kira business, 25% confident when it comes to anything involving you, 95% sure you will regain your memories soon, 100% certain that you feel no emotional attachment to me whatsoever…"

"And 100% sure that I completely and irreversibly cared for you like a brother.. ."

Light’s hands trembled slightly as he finished reading the note, staring at the paper in blank shock and horror. L had loved him…He felt a pang in his heart as he read over the last sentence once more. Ryuk looked over in mild interest."

“Raito? You alright?”

“Get out.” Raito’s voice wavered slightly as he took in gulps of air, trying to hold back the tears. It was no use; he could feel the stinging sensation in his eyes, though it was nothing compared to what he felt in his heart.

Ryuk shrugged, looking bored. “Fine then,” he muttered, drifting out the window.

As soon as the teen was certain he was gone, he curled up into a ball and let the tears come.

“100% certain that you feel no emotional attachment to me whatsoever…”

Raito grabbed at his hair with an anguished gasp, burying his head further into his knees.

You were wrong, Light.