Anime is life!!!!!!

Happy Chocolates-Roses-and sulking-Day!

Yeah, that's my kind of holiday...- w -" I never get a single Valentine that's not from a family member. And my school has a carnation giving thing, so if no1 else gives u 1, u get 1 from Student Council and believe me, it is beyond sad when u only get a Council Carnation. I should know. *hides in emo circle. Corners r SO last season XD* So I'm in it 4 the chocolates! > w < I'z a chocaholic~ * w *


YES! I'M A SENIOR OTAKU NOW!!! TAKE THAT!!!! X3 *does a happy dance* < (^ ^) >

The Internet at last?

Yes, I'm (sorta) back! My library has Internet, thank God. My dad killed the comps' @ home... T ^ T Wahhhhhhh.........

I'm BA-ACK~! >=D ((Plz read))

MUAHAHAHHAHHAHHHHAHH~!!!!! XD *hack hack cough* > w < Yesh me iz back~ ^^ Just cuz I'm bored, I would like 2 ask u all: WHO WOULD LIKE TO SEE ME UPLOAD DRAWINGS I MAKE ON PAPER???

See ya'

Hey, guys! I just wanted 2 tell u all that I'm not gonna be on 4 a little while, 'cuz I'll be in Sea Isle City.

~ Tohrushino