Welcome. This world is about the Anime Conventions that I have been to. They are probably all going to be in the state that I am in [Wisconsin], but hopefully it will progress to other places.


So this next Saturday, the 13th, I will be at No Brand Con in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I am so excited and looking forward to it even though my best friend can't go. I going to go as Pinkie Pie. I'm really excited! AAAH!

Finished (Almost finished) Pinkie Pie Cosplay! :D

So here it is. My favorite cosplay to date XD. PINKIE PIE <3. :D.

I want to add some more to it to make it more "WOW" haha. So if anyone has any ideas please feel free to help :D

It's a tulle pink dress that goes a little bit higher than my knees with a piece of blue tulle fabric that I tie around my chest. As you can probably see. haha. Then I may or may not wear my panty hose (a brown color) because I'm not sure if I should get pink tights then I have pink high heels. Anyone have anyyy ideaas????

No Brand Con Excitment! x3

So in approximately FIVE months XD No Brand Con will be here!!! :DD. It's held at Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I am planning on going as Pinkie Pie. :D

My BFF, Kaylee, is going to go as Fluttershy :DD. Because the Pink wig I bought for Nyu from Elfen Lied works perfectly for Fluttershy.

And my sister wants to go as Applejack, but doesn't want to buy a wig and doesn't have long enough hair, so I told her she could go as Derpy. haha.


Wausaubicon 2012

Okay so the day finally came! :D. It was a blast, when we got there and registered we just wandered around aimlessly checking everything out. I ended up buying a Sebastian body pillow! haha. Sexyyy! I also got the first volume of Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji and I found someone old enough to buy me a yaoi. Haha it's called Picnic. I am almost done reading it. I have 2 chapters left out of 8. I also bough 4 posters. 3 of them were only 3 dollars each and one of them were 5 dollars. The big $3 ones I got were of Father Abel and his brother from Trinity Blood, Inuyasha and the gang from Inuyasha (obviously), and one with Ciel and Sebastian on it from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji. Then I got a Ciel and Sebastian folder and a Fruits Basket one for school. The little $5 poster I bough was hand drawn and then computerized by an artist that was selling his products. He did a fan picture of Ren from DearS (an Ecchi/harem anime) and he signed it :D. I also bought a Pikachu sticker, a white flag (from an italy cosplay vendor), a collar with a bell, and a ton of glow sticks. And of course I bought Pocky and Ramune. ^-^. I didn't get very many pictures..I was rather shy when it came to getting pictures of cosplayers. My youngest sister, Jaidyn, came and I used her for pictures. A Princess Gazelle (or whatever) cosplayer from Enchanted was there and she got a picture with her. She also got a picture with Princess Tutu and Princess Celestia. Can you tell that she LOVES princesses? haha. She loves ponies. On our journey to find the Princess Celestia cosplayer, we found Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie! haha. She got pictures with them, too! And Pinkie Pie even gave her a cookie! It was too cute!

My favorite cosplays that I saw there were Mojojojo from the Power Puff Girls and Boris Airay/Chesire Cat from Alice in the Country of Hearts, I would type the japanese name, but I forgot it. I watched the movie today and I really want to buy and read the manga.

Wausaubicon 2012 Guests :O

I just realized that I get to meet the guy who voiced Blade (Adam Blade) from Needless! He played other rolls, but I know him best for that one! And his wife, Emily Neves Love. She voices Angel from Angel Beats! hehe :3. Exciiiited <3