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Hikari Cooks Again (7 pages)

Teto visits, Kaito's disastrous experience (4 pages)

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Mystery of the Missing Yuki

Vocaloid Fanfiction: Miku's Side

Konata decides to write a Fanfiction (A chain of short stories)

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The Ultimate Fanfic: Bleach, Haruhi Suzumiya, and Vocaloid combined

Kenpachi vs Chuck Norris: The Clashing Epicness part two



~Soul Society~

"It's opening!"


"The Senkai Gate!"


The two guards rushed over to the gate and observed it.

"...Nobody's there." One of the guards scratched his head, puzzled.

"Hm. That's strange--" the other guard began to say, but was interrupted as a man walked in.

"Hey." He said, casually strolling past the two guards.

"Y-You!" One of the guards began to shout. "Who let you in Soul Society? Where do you come from???"

"Nowhere." The man shrugged. "Just, y'know, Texas."

The two poor guards had no idea what was coming next, for they had not a clue that the man standing in front of them was Chuck Norris.

Chuck delivered a mighty roundhouse kick to their heads, nearly blowing their eyes out of their sockets.

Part One--The Melancholy of Hatsune Ichigo

Alright, ya ready? *lowers voice to a whisper* I'm combining 3 of my favorite animes, with Vocaloid, to create a very confusing, and quite epic fanfiction. Get ready for...THE MELANCHOLY OF HATSUNE ICHIGO!!!! Yes, you heard me! Haruhi Suzumi...

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Kenpachi vs Chuck Norris: The Clashing Epicness

I just ate some sugary food....which is one of the reasons why I'm writing such an unbelievably strange fanfiction xD Thanks to Fykki-san for the idea! :D Soooooo, go on to the next page for.....weirdness... ~Soul Society--Yamamoto...

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Espada Play Baseball

OKAY first of all I'm SO VERY SORRY for not posting a fanfiction in so long! >.< I've also been updating the Bleach + Vocaloid + Haruhi fanfic quite a bit lately, so feel free to check that out too. ;D Anyways, this is sort of one of ...

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My attempt at a Vocaloid Fanfiction: Kaito's side

Well, I've always been thinking about this. Time to give it a try. ;)Also, I'll be telling this from Kaito's point of view! =D Note: These stories will be little segments of Kaito's everyday life. There's no real topic, 'cause, it's sorta h...

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