Hello!^^ thanks for taking a look at my "world!" Since this is my main world, imma just post...well...random stuff i guess. Anyway heres a little about me

Name: Akira

Age: 13

Fav Anime/Manga: Bleach, Naruto, One peice, Full Metal Alchemist, DragonBallZ

Other things i like: Vocaloid, Hitalia, FOOD!, Candy, friuts, MEAT!^, Video
~games, T.V., and sleeping^. Oh! one more. I like being
~an Otaku!^ oh...basketball also xD
Fav Music:Far East Movement, Vocaloid, Kanye West, Vocaloid, Lady Gaga,
~Vocaloid, One Republic, Vocaloid, Green Day, Vocaloid, Snoop Dog,
~Vocaloid, LMFAO, Vocaloid, Nikki Minaj,Vocaloid,Globus,Vocaloid,
~(i really <3 Vocaloid:)

Favorite games: Halo, CoD, Counter strike, Pokemon :)
~i freakin love halo btw. (BEST game EVER!)


Cya Later!^^


hey guys^^ i need ur opinion on this... ummm i might make another world, do u guys have any suggestions on wat to make it on? plz comment, im getting bored with only one world so...ya


Hahah^^ guess wat... sneajing this again^^ IMANINJA just kiddinganyways, yupp... im using this net book my teacher let me borrow, and then i got into my schools wifi, and yah.. gues wat...:) Heh,, LGA775 i did it again^


GOnna be posting more art soon...hang tight. anyone want dedications?

Sorry guys

hey guys^^ srry i havent been on for a while i had...things to do. ummm... catsworld! i will sincerely try my best to upload ur pic soon, srry it took so long my scanner broke down (lame excuse i know)and i havent had time to come on lately so yeah.

Also, one more thing... this benevolence chick... if ur reading this... who r u? lol stop sendind love messages -__-

Free wallpaper dedications :D

hi! anyone want a free wallpaper dedication? leave a comment below if u do.