Hello, everyone.My name is Kazumi Chi,this is not my real name but you can call me Chi.... This is my second world...I think i want to add some picture related to anime so i hope you all will support me... *Bow* Tq for read this with open heart! .... ....

First dAY of School~

Huh...First day of the school...very tiring day..
I, as a perfect at school, had to make a lot of work, particularly the work of textbook ...

Tired! (-_-!)


Refresh Mind!

It's been over three weeks I did not open or update this world ...
And today i got chance to update it..
I'm busy with my cousins ​​wedding which took place yesterday ...
I am so tired entertaining guests that are present ..
But it was very fun ...
After a long time I was able to meet again with my relatives ..
We have fun .... And I can not forget it ... :)

After the ceremony .... I was asked to clean the house which are scattered ..
Huh, I finally managed to clean it ... with the help of my cousins ​​...
Then, we were asked to decorate the bridal chamber .... Then, after everything is over .. We came to the living room to relax .. Finally we fall asleep at there ..


Smile.. .

There are hundreds of languages in
the world, but a smile speaks them

I Wish..

anGrY biRDs...!