Hello, everyone.My name is Kazumi Chi,this is not my real name but you can call me Chi.... This is my second world...I think i want to add some picture related to anime so i hope you all will support me... *Bow* Tq for read this with open heart! .... ....


The pain is not on the day of
missing our dear ones. The pain is
really when you live without them
& with their presence in your

Our Personality?

We always worry about Our
The truth is that...
They neither matter to those Who
Love us
To those who don't Love Us...:)

Moon Or Star...

Don't Promise me The Moon or The Stars ...
Just Promise ...that....
You'll Stay Under Them With me Forever & Ever ♥ ♥ :)


♥ ~True happiness is not
about a big laugh or tears of
It's about a simple smile
whenever you remember
Who made your life simple yet
completely Happy~ ♥

I Love You?

Relationship is not just a word,
It's perfect match between two souls,
It's a silent commitment,
Which says, I will be with you..♥