Hey guys, Rae here. This is my world where i talk about new things I thought about animes and mangas or just whats going on in my life at the moment.

See you down below



Oh my gosh guys, how long has it been since I last did something? I'm slacking and need to get my act together. It's been frustrating with everything that is going on but I promise to try to get a wallpaper up soon.

Wallie ideas anyone?

Heeeey guys, it's been awhile.

I'm looking for new wallie ideas and I can't think of any. I want to start doing wallies more and any ideas would be great!

I need advice

If you don't want to hear this semi plead for help or advice then just scroll away.


Okay so I need advice. I am having some couple troubles. I miss my boyfriend and wd don't talk as much, we both have schoolwork keeping us busy along with other activities. Everytime I try to talk to him he's always busy and I get really depressed. What should I do because it keeps happening?

So bored.

Right now I'm in study hall and its really boring. Anyone up to talk?

I'm back and ready to roll

Hey everyone its Rae. As you know over the summer I haven't really made anything because of a busy schedule well that's over now. School had started so my computer will be used more often. SO I'm back to making wallies and ecards again.

Right now I am currently watching Orange and oh my god is that show amazing it got my feels going on a wild but fun roller coaster I found myself crying almost episode. If you haven't started watching it then I suggest you do