A vampire's imagination always changes with time; Just like any other persons. this is a world that will enter those thoughts, and bring them to life...

My Otaku

Name: Taru~Chan


Gender: girl

Orientation: Bi

Color: red

Food: ramen

Hobbies: Anime, Video games, Writing, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, ETC...

Current Favorite Anime: Naruto

Current Favorite Video Game: Kingdom Hearts

Current Favorite Characters: Sasuke, Riku, Terra, Ryuichi, Shuichi

Current favorite band: TatU

Alter Ego's name: Kiri Taiyaka

Currently: Going insane while Akisa is looking on deviantart and youtube and Klawla is making a Yaoi fanclub at my school

Favorite saying: When life gives you cheese, make cheesecake!!!

Favorite story: WARNING!!! RATED M!!! Our Vampire Teddy By: HypeRME

Favorite book Series (if you haven't guessed by now): Twilight

Current main focus story: A Kyuubi's Happiness

I honestly should give up on TheO...

I don't even know why I'm bothering to type this. No one really comments anymore, though, I guess I don't really have a right to complain about it. Maybe it's just out of habit? Oh well, the day that TheO returns to it's former standing and...

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Oi... Vey...

what do you do when your best friend is so into Yaoi she is starting a club for it at your school? crawl under a rock and stay there..

My friend Klawla, she is obsessed with Yaoi. and it's all my fault. Now I can pick out almost every Yaoi fangirl in my school (and surprisingly, there are a LOT. 0.0) it gone out of control!!! I had a girl I never even met show me a Yaoi picture and tell me about the club today. 0o0 dear lord in heaven, what have I done?

...anywho, I hope everyone is doing well. My mom's birthday was yesterday, so that's one of the many scattered reasons I haven't commented lately. I'll do some more tonight and tomorrow, but Friday I'm going to Yuffi's house for the first time in a millennium. This should be scary...

OH!!! and before i forget...

this is of me and my friend Akisa dancing to DoTa in our new cosplay club, SiameZe TwinZ!XD

anywho, commenting i shall do now. ttyl everyone!


Soo... Tired...

Hi everyone! Yes, I got my computer back, so things will be updated slowly but surely. I'm thinking about making the new theme Okami... i've been having an obsession with that game, lately.

So how has everyone been? How was your winter break? I know mine was long.XP so many things happened, and my Christmas didn't actually end until...the day before I went back to school...

anywho, what did everyone get for christmas? as you can see, I got the internet, then I got a bunch of clothes from Yuffi, My dad got me Okami and Animal Crossing: City Folk, My aunt gave me two inuyasha keychains from hong kong, a cat bracelet, and ferret earrings, my other aunt got me two bakugan statues and one actual bakugan, then I got a bunch of hair and bath products... and yeah, that's about it.

School has been really stressing me out lately, as well as my personal life. Klawla came over last friday when my cousin was here, and my cousin WOULD NOT leave me alone. she kept saying how rude I am and whatnot and I just flipped out on her. of course, she told her parents, my aunt, and uncle, and they all took HER side, even though she was the one who started it! T.T I hate my family. I really do.

But from there, some really bad thoughts came into my mind and I wound up calling my ex... and now we're back together. and yes, it's the same person who broke up with me nearly a year ago. Oi vey...

YAYNESS!!!XD I just found out I have a high GPA!!!XD so... happy...

well ne, I g2g, I have to go over to my dad's soon. so ! shall talk to everyone later!!!



Hey everyone!^^ just a normal post today telling everyone i'm alive. and... I'm also computerless. i'm typing this on my Wii right now, my uncle's computer is being fixed. soo... the backdrop or nything like that won't be changed for a while, SORRY!

anyways, as for my lifetime story... I have two awesome new friends that i actually got to join TheO; Akisa chan and Klawla ! One of them really loves D. grey man, and then the other is a KH, aruto, Yaoi fan just like me (seriously, we look, act, and think alike. the only difference is that she is more outgoing then I am.)but yeah, they're both cool.

so how is everyone doing? how is school treating you all so far? is anyone ready for winter break? (I sure am...)

well... I really got to go (since I'm really not supposed to be on in the first place.) But I will see you all soon!


Aw,screw it all!!!

sssoooo.... a confession to make. no matter how much I try, I just can't keep away from TheO that long! in all reality, I never left. I still checked everyday for updates, even though I didn't comment... Which I REALLY BADLY need to start getting into the habit of.

anywho, hug me, kick me, do whatever, but I am back! and with a new leaf!!!XD *points towards leaf outside*