A vampire's imagination always changes with time; Just like any other persons. this is a world that will enter those thoughts, and bring them to life...

My Otaku

Name: Taru~Chan


Gender: girl

Orientation: Bi

Color: red

Food: ramen

Hobbies: Anime, Video games, Writing, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, ETC...

Current Favorite Anime: Naruto

Current Favorite Video Game: Kingdom Hearts

Current Favorite Characters: Sasuke, Riku, Terra, Ryuichi, Shuichi

Current favorite band: TatU

Alter Ego's name: Kiri Taiyaka

Currently: Going insane while Akisa is looking on deviantart and youtube and Klawla is making a Yaoi fanclub at my school

Favorite saying: When life gives you cheese, make cheesecake!!!

Favorite story: WARNING!!! RATED M!!! Our Vampire Teddy By: HypeRME

Favorite book Series (if you haven't guessed by now): Twilight

Current main focus story: A Kyuubi's Happiness

Merry Freiken Christmas

A/N: This was the first ever oneshot I made during halloween 2007. it's a odd one, but I still thought it was fun to write!XD note: this has basically no plot. it's a story with a song in it. that is all! It’s been four months sci...

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