Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

I'm a little shocked that there isn't a category for this anime called Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, but I am watching it and going to start giving my opinion on it as well as the other ones I have yet to finish. :3.


Episode 1: I remember starting to watch this before I watched Junjo Romantica but since I found out they are closely related I have decided to watch it. It's good so far. It's easier to understand now that I have watched Junjo Romantica. I'm not sure how it made me understand it easier, it just did. So far so good and I am really excited to watch the next episode.

Episode 2: Hahaha oh my gosh that was great! XD. This is almost like Usagi and Misaki. What I really think is funny as they ended up as neighbors! Hahahaha XD. That's SOOO perfect!


Episode 3: It's finally the weekend so I have some time to myself to watch anime, and OMG I LOVE THIS EPISODE! x3. I love the end of it, how Takano grabs him and stuff but it made me frustrated when he walked away!!!! >(. I'm really excited to watch the next episode! So I shall. Do I say that a lot? "Im excited to watch the next episode" coz it sure feels like I do!

Episode 4: AAAH THAT WAS SOO CUUUUTE!! IM SOO GLAD I AM WATCHING THIS ANIME! x33. Eeeep!!! They are soooo cuute together (Takano and Onodera). AH! X3. <3 <3 <3


Episode 5: OMG OMG OMG! I think these two might be my favorite couple! Chiaki and Yoshiyuki!!! OMG THEY ARE SOOO CUUUTE TOGETHER!!!! x3. <3 I love love love loooove it!!!!! X3 AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Episode 6: IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER! But Yanase better back off >(. Seriously. GOING ON TO NUMBER 7!


Episode 7: I guess I did watch episode yesterday, but I could have swore I didn't. I must of have watched it Sunday with the rest. But I love Onodera and Takano.! :3

Episode 8: That was so freaking cute! XD. Omg. I love this anime! It's sooo adorable and cute and amazing!! x). I loved how in the end Yukina kisses Kisa! <3 :) Or do I use their first names? Or is their last names good? haha. I don't know. :3. :P So gonna watch episode 9 now.!

Episode 9: I can't believe I'm going on episode 10 now! I'm really glad there's a sequel to this! This new couple (Yukina and Kisa) has really got me giddy and geeking out like a little school girl XD. And I havn't been feeling my best, I've been sick and then on top of that drama with a friend who just doesn't seem to care about our friendship this anime has really really cheered me up. It's like chocolate after a break up haha.. I'm trying to see how many episodes I can fit in one day. I might watch some Ao no Exorcist after I finish this and the sequel to it. Yet I still have other anime to complete, but they don't keep my interest very well so I might just find some more yaoi like this one. Anyone have any suggestions? If anyone actually reads these anyways? It'd be much appreciated.

Episode 10: Yay! This episode went back to Chiaki and Yoshiyuki :3. (I used their first names). I absolutely love these 2! x3. I love love love love how their relationship is and it makes me jealous! Chiaki is sooo clueless about Yanase and I HATE IT BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE YANASE!! >(


Episode 11 and 12: Omfg. Those were really awesome episodes. I really really love Takano and Onodera. Yokozawa pissed me off when he said all of those things to Onodera, but it almost made me cry, too. Towards the end of episode 12, I got really excited because Onodera wasn't pulling away from Takano as much, but then his damn phone had to ring! xO. It pissed me off. Now Im going to watch part 2 of it...if my mom gets the damn stick out of her butt.

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 2

Episode 1: Omg omg omg XD. That was awesome!!! Hahaha :). They sooo did it. x3. How cute! I am sooo ready to watch the next episode, but I have to shower and get ready, I have a stupid dentist appointment in 2 and a half hours. I'll probably watch the last 2 episodes when I get home. IM EXCITED FOR THEM! :D

Episode 2: So I found out that the show is still playing and they come on every Friday, so there will be more episodes :D. This episode was amazing. Onodera finally gave into Takano.. I can't wait to see how their relationship turns out. :). Episode three is about Chiaki, Hatori, and Yanase. But Im not going to watch anymore today. I will probably do that tomorrow. It's a four day weekend for me so I have all of the time in the world. I might even rewatch Loveless. :3


Episode 3: Okay so that episode was really really really good! But now there is only one episode left until next week (Friday) and so I am debating on what to do. Watch it....or wait....I might actually watch a few Junjo Romantica episodes instead..and give myself space and time and stuff. Tomorrow I won't have much time to do much because I have to get up early, go shopping, then go to a driving last one. Which means I won't get much "me time".