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Here's where I'll share some personal notes, fun/random stuff, and my original writing. Enjoy!!

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TO-DO list!

Simplified list to be edited as I see deadlines coming up. Might not get to all of these, but I hope to be able to do them!


1. "Muse of Music" Wallpaper challenge -- 06/09 -- WIP
2. "Manga Power" Fanart challenge -- 06/12

Other projects

1. Challenge prizes -- WIP (2/3 complete)
2. RP post for Ninja World
3. Draw adopts (11/16 complete)

OC Facts Tag

Just 'cause this time. XD Rules: 1.) Post the rules. 2.) Post 8 facts about your character. 3.) Tag 8 other characters. 4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars I'm tellin' all Reka's secrets!! :...

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Little Update

Hey, guys! How is everybody? I haven't really had anything big going on since last update, still working full-time and yet still finding time to draw. So... remember that RP group on DA that I got wrapped up in last summer? "dis-col...

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Challenge Closed!

Ohmygoodness, thanks for all the amazing entries! It was so hard to choose the winners (and this is the one time I said I'd only declare two winners -- pfft, yeah right)! I'm ready to take your requests!! :D

5 Days Left!

5 days before the Eternal Rain challenge ends, and I've just declared prizes! XD