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Snow, Snow, Snow...

...We got snow! 0_0 And it was just in the mid-60's a couple days ago!!

Not a whole lot new with me besides, as I've noted on a couple pieces of artwork, I've started a new story with the working title, "Pet Projects". It creates a home for a bunch of kemonomimi adopts that I bought from DA several years ago and didn't really draw a lot because I didn't know what to do with them. So, you'll be seeing some design work/story ideas from that.

It's the end of the year already, which means winter breaks for a lot of you. Hope everyone's staying safe and well!

TO-DO list!

Simplified list to be edited as I see deadlines coming up. Might not get to all of these, but I hope to be able to do them!

Chibi Challenge! (Fan Art) -- WIP -- 11/30

Other projects
AT for Keba -- brainstorming
Eternal Rain profile updates -- WIP

Final Stretch of a Weird Year

It's already fall -- that's crazy.

Next month is OCtober/Inktober. I've heard people talking about it a little already and I've already made a prompts list. Anybody else participating this year?

My job has been kind enough to allow me to continue working from home for now; so, I am. Aside from a couple tense moments, my family has been okay. Hope you guys are staying safe, as well!

Character Comparison: The Psychology of Abuse

I've realized recently (thanks to the crossover stories I was working on) that out of my four major writing projects, child abuse is a prominent theme in two, and the character I created for that DA roleplay a few years back has the same backgroun...

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