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When Your Computer and Your Printer are Not on Speaking Terms

So, the family computer died at a good old age, and our new one runs Windows 11, which is not getting along with the printer. It prints... but I cannot scan. :( I've got some new art in the works and maybe I'll submit with the camera on my tablet if I can figure out how to get a good-quality pic. Otherwise, it may be a bit before you see any new art from me.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying some nice spring weather!

Pet Projects ~ Expressions & Designs pt. 5

And, last but not least, clothes designs for kid-arc Shay and Tris.

Pet Projects ~ Expressions & Designs pt. 4

Time-skip arc Tristan, 16/17 years old

Pet Projects ~ Expressions & Designs pt. 3

Time-skip arc Shay, 19 years old

Stories: Pet Projects ~ Cast Profiles


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