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Stories: Dreamer

Chapter Selection/Table of Contents Prologue - ...

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10 Things About My Characters! Meme

I HAS BEEN TAGGED!!! by Ellenor Mererid Rules: 1. Pick three of your OC's, and include thumbnails. 2. Share ten random facts about them. 3. You MUST post these rules. 4. Tag three people when you're done. ...

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Stories: Dreamer ~ Preview Clip 3

Episode/Chapter 14 Haru sits silently underneath the window, the sunlight filtering in, the picture of him and the dark-haired woman in his hands. If the kid in my nightmares is me, then...the woman... He thinks back to a ...

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Stories: Dreamer ~ Preview Clip 2

Episode/Chapter 6 “What is Haru-san so afraid of?” Asha asks, finally breaking the silence. “Who are ‘they’?” Hikaru finally looks Asha in the eyes for the first time since she walked in. ...

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Stories: Dreamer ~ Preview Clip 1

Prologue A blonde boy bolts through the shadowy back alleys, his friend in tow. The steady padding of footsteps and mens’ shouts echo behind them. “He’s getting away!” one of the men barks. “Don...

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