Full Metal Alchemist

I was going through my anime collection and remembered that I saw Full metal Alchemist (FMA) with my brother, Sadly enough we are apart just like the ending of FMA anime
my brother's in Canada now studying for his master's degree, and i'm all the way here on the other side of the world
'Ahem' ok back to the anime, FMA delivers great drama, comedy and awesome artwork all in one package. the story moves along nicely and it doesn't really boe you to death with unnecessary episodes or long fillers, however the pivotal point of it all is the ending, the sad sad ending.

I give it 9/10


I truly prefer a short anime with a good story than one that goes on and on forever with no real story (e.g. One piece). Claymore was one of those animes. with a good story-line and great art it captivated me right up to the end where it left the story hanging, ugh!!!! why do they do that????

I think it deserves 8.5/10 I would've given it more but the ending just killed it.


Does this anime have one of the best artwork or what. I just Love it, they're all so cool and drawn so beautifully that I'm mostly enjoying the artwork instead of the story. Don't get me wrong the story is so cool and fresh...but they just left it hanging didn't they? I mean the manga is still going on but the anime halted.
Allen walker is one of the most coolest white hair characters ever...you know the part where his innocence is crushed by whats his face, ummmm, i can't remember his name...anyway I literally cried at that scene...and the scene where linalee and lavi see the replay of Allen's demise, WOW, I cried there too...

any ways I give this anime 9.8/10 for great artwork, good story line, and very short and very little fillers

Dislike no.1

Bleach: I have to be honest, I liked BLEACH at first, It was so exciting and the story seemed a promising one...But now it seems its just lost...they just run around using the same old techniques they've been using for 200 something episodes...and seriously whats up with leaving the main story hanging in the air and showing like 30 or 40 episodes of useless fillers!!!!!!
If you want to show fillers just finish off a main story and then jump to a filler and a short one, not one that goes on and on and on and.....

Now I just can't tolerate the series, sometimes I just hate it.

I'm giving bleach a 5/10 and believe me I'm being generous because it started off as a good anime

LIKES no.1

Okay first let's start with what I like:

NARUTO: this one is probably pretty obvious because all I draw in Otaku is Naruto. The series has a great story line, although it can get a bit frustrating at time, specially in the filler parts...I mean I switched to the Manga just to be free from the fillers, but I still watch the anime (waiting for Naruto to kick some serious A$$#@)

One thing I hate about the series is the quality of drawings changing constantly, on some parts you have excellent drawings and on some you have terrible ones.

Overall I love this anime and I give it a 9.5/10