Isn't it odd how "word" and "world" only differ by one letter? I think it's because you can make worlds with words. As in, literally.
Well, this is where I'll be writing my online journal and posting whatever story scraps that I write. (And that aren't total crap in my eyes.)
About me:
Age: 21
Gender: female
Birthday: 7/5/88
Location: Central New Hampshire, in the "now under new management" US of A.
Occupation: College student, assistant librarian.

Otaku since: whenever the 8th child of Digimon 01 saga ran on FoxKids... 1999?
Favorite anime and manga (previous and current):

  • the end of Dragonball
  • Dragonball Z and GT
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Yu Yu Hakasho,
  • Ravemaster
  • Naruto
  • Fruits Basket (the manga)
  • Loveless (the manga)
  • Earthian (the manga)
  • Saiyuki
  • Death Note
  • xxxHolic
  • D.N.Angel
  • Mononoke (not the Gibli movie)
  • Kakurenbo
  • Karas
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Kino's Journey
  • Cat Soup
  • Escaflowne
  • Akira
  • Metropolis
  • Gundam 00
  • Hetalia Axis Powers
  • and more I can't think of.

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Anime Boston 09 REPORT!

So, Anime Boston 09 went quite well. The only line con repeat was with the masquerade line, which seemed ENDLESS. But the Thursday PreReg line was pretty long but went really quick, and the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday lines just zipped along, I heard, so it was much better this year.

The Tardus was there. You know, from Dr. Who? It was really funny when the host for Anime Unscripted came out of it and then onto the stage.

This is the glimpse I saw of it after opening ceremonies.

This is how it looked about five minutes before Anime Unscripted.

Speaking of Anime Unscripted, I took video of a few of the starting skits. Expect those later.

The cosplayers were awesome. There was this box. It was awesome.

And there was the Medicine Seller of Mononoke! *cue fan-girling*

There was a pretty cool Midna too.

And a Shiek!

There was also a big group dressed as Avatar people.

Speaking of Avatar, there was Koh. And he stole Salor Moon's face!

Did I mention that I... Found Waldo!!!

There were some of the Jedi Order there.

As well as some of the Dawn Brigade!

Last but not least, Viral. Ignore the pudgy Leeron.

Aaaand she's back!

Or at least posting.
In recent news, my uncle mailed me a new notebook. It's going to be a character quote notebook!
Also, Anime Boston is this weekend! Expect pictures on Monday.

G'bye, Yoite-san... *Spoilers for Nabari no Ou manga ahead!*

Just read up to chapter 55 of Nabari no Ou, on OneManga. I'll say this, poor Yoite. Poor Miharu. I want to cry so badly seeing Miharu, Yukimi, Gao, Raiko, and all them fumble around the gap Yoite, and Miharu's partial erasure of him, left behind. I want to cry, but I can't. What a horrible feeling...

*deep breath* ... *exhales* Typing it out makes me feel better. Thank you for reading.

In other news, my brother is home this week, for his spring break. My spring break is next week. I'll get to laze around all day for a week, yay. Well, mostly.

Oh, my head...

I have a cough and a headache. The headache might be because I've been on the compy for so long... But whatever.
I'm thinking about making a new fan world to house an idea of mine. It would be called "Immortal House." As in, house full of immortals. Not House (the TV doctor) becoming immortal.
What say ye? Nay? Yea?

A Day in the Life of Momj

So, I wrote this a good long while back. The characters in this tale have either changed or disappeared. But, I'm proud of this work, so please enjoy! Momj sat up in bed and stretched. The breeze flowed in through his open window, bring...

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