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Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes, gifts, dedications, and cards. <333 I feel so loved by theOtaku community, and I just hope you all know how much I love you in return <3 Hopefully I can start showing that through submissions again. >w>’ I had a wonderful birthday…and I got a tablet. A.TABLET! 8D!!! So happy. I hope you all had a nice holiday, and you all stayed safe. ^^ I’ll update what went on for my party on my blog page now.

Take care, and again, Thank you so much <33333

Happy Birthday to Me and EASTER to ALL


YES, not only is it Easter today, but it’s my birthday!! I don’t remember if they’ve ever coincided before, though I know my birthday was always thrown in with Easter with my extended family when I was a child. So it’s nothing new, though being set on the actual day is. The plan for just what’s going on has been changed like…6 times. Finally, I think a decision was made. I’ll fill you all in about how it goes on my Blog page tomorr-er this evening.

Until then, HAVE A WONDERFUL EASTER EVERYONE!! Spend lots of time with your families, or celebrating however you do. Enjoy your candy? Your meals? Or maybe your solitude if you prefer to hide away and hiss at anyone that dares to enter your sanctuary! xD

Point is, Have a great holiday, and Take care~


A Calling Out-To the Fighters.

I'm not posting this in my blog because I feel there is a great need for it to be said here, on my personal profile.

Alright, I just want to start out by saying…maybe I see my world in too much color and not enough black and white. Ironic, right? I mean, I’m the first to admit my obsession with checkers/stripes/monochromatic schemes/and black and White in general…but when it comes to life, I just don’t see it that way. The answer to that is kinda simple as to why. I’ve been there before. I saw everything in just black and white. Everything. And you know what? It made me sad all the time. So once I saw the brilliance of the Technicolor, I refused to go back. I won’t go back.

Now…what brings me down in this world is the fact that everything has become so centered on money, or standing, or how good you are at academics. People are oppressed because if they don’t succeed at this in school, or if they don’t have enough money for that, then they are labeled as being failures, or worthless. That’s unfair, and bluntly, it’s untrue. Failure. Poor. Sad. Lowly. These are just LABELS. What essentially is a label? It’s one of those little sticky things that they put on you. Like a..hmm nametag. And you know what? Those nametags aren’t permanent. Sooner or later they fall off, are replaced, or accidently thrown into the wash to ruin your perfect sweater. -_-‘ The fact remains through it all though, that it’s not permanent and COMPLETELY replaceable. Someone who is poor, can become rich. It’s possible. Just as a failure, can become a complete success. It all comes down to time and effort. The importance is being able to survive the labeling.

That’s where your core comes in. No matter how many little sticky labels are put on you, they’re only on the surface. They really can’t touch who you are at your core. These things are what’s really most important in life. Hardworking. Loving. Loyal. Devoted. Creative. Smart. That can’t be stolen from you. Sure, maybe you think they dim, or you can’t really see them, or sometimes, you just don’t have time to realize they are still there…but they are. They’re always part of you, from the day you’re born, til the day you die. Just waiting for you to bring them out and use them. Sure, it hurts when you just can’t…but that doesn’t mean they’ve gone anywhere.

Everyone has fear and doubts. Whether you’re a genius-flying through courses, someone who’s just average-pulling through without too much trouble, or that one student in the mass that doesn’t feel they belong-putting everything you can into staying above water; I’m telling you, don’t stop swimming! It won’t be forever. You won’t struggle FOREVER. I know it’s hard, and it’s dark, and you don’t think you’ll ever see your way out…but it’s there. Somewhere. This is just a very brutal experience that in the end, will make you stronger someway, even if it’s not clear to you today. What’s important is that you keep fighting, no matter if you fail or not. It’s the fighting that counts. Because that is what you are at your core, a fighter.

I wrote this for someone I love very much. And I decided to post it because it applies to more than just that person. There are so many of you that I love and adore that are struggling, but, DON’T STOP FIGHTING. I know my words are meaningless…after all…what are they? Just words. I can’t keep you warm with them, or feed you, or influence your grades in the slightest, I know that. But I would hope at the very very least, my effort is noted. Because effort does matter, it does; even in the face of failure. If it didn’t matter, we would all just surrender to our hardships and give up, letting ourselves always feel helpless and depressed. And I’m sorry if I don’t want to let you do that quietly. As I said…I’m a fool who sees her world in too much color. ^^’

And there you go, almost 700 words worth of nothing…that I hope does at least something.



Valentine's Post--Kira Style :3


Now, I told myself that I wasn’t going to make a post about today, I really did…but I just can’t help it. lawls Today is the wonderful, St. Valentine’s Day. Or, as others call it “Single’s Awareness Day”. Now, like Twilight, Vday has both lovers and haters, and then the Switzerland ppl who like me are just pretty much thinking “er…it’s just another day”. And yet, out of respect for the lovers, I don’t really want to be a Heart Scrooge and not wish everyone a happy holiday, because face it, a good deal of the population DOES count this as a holiday. This is a day where big things happen. Guys/Girls get the guts to make proposals, or to tie the knot, or maybe just to do something a little special for the one they love. I just want to remind everyone, whether you are involved with anyone or not, that this is not the only day that you have in your lives once a year to get those guts. Tell the one you love that you love them EVERY DAY. And if you don’t have that “significant other”, don’t hate those who do, and sit there being reminded that you haven’t found them yet…be thankful for the people that you DO have in your life. Whether they are your siblings, cousins, parents, best friends, internet friends, pets…it doesn’t matter. Love is Love. IT’s not exclusive to relationships alone.

And so I wish all of you who are dear to me, Otaku Community, a very very pleasant Valentine’s Day and I say this. I love and am thankful for your friendships, every day of the year. Please be safe and happy, and don’t throw yourselves into the pits of depression over a day where tacky hearts full of chocolate actually look really really appealing. ^^’


A Brief Hiatus

Hey everyone!

Life is stressful, ne? Yeah...I'm feeling it a lot lately. I have a lot of things to do offline, and I feel that I really need a break from Fen. SO, I will be offline completely from the 1st to the 3rd. If you really really need me, PM me with "Urgent", as all other PMs will be unanswered until my return.

Have a good week~ <3