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I will take requests however:
WARNING: If you request something from me, please have PATIENCE! I only say this...cuz I can never predict what's going on in my life...so some things I'm able to do right away...and some things could take me awhile. >.<


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Nearly done - on so many levels-

Hello Fellow Otaku,

I know you haven't heard from me, and the voice meme I have for you has been done for quite awhile now. Kat and I were working on figuring out a way to cut it up though, because it turned out to be pretty long and we don't want to bore anyone. We'll try to have it up soon. I would have worked on it more, but I was really discouraged with this site not too long ago. Really, really, really discouraged. So much so, that I have been considering leaving. I haven't decided just yet. I've always been really fond of this site...so we'll see. *sigh* I don't want to complain or point fingers at anyone, so I'll just leave it at that right now. If anyone wants an explanation, I suppose I could offer one...PM me if you so wish.

Karmira tagged me recently as well, and as she wished, I completed the tag. My answers follow below. Are you surprised by the results? I will not be tagging anyone. I'm sure if you wanted to do it, you already have.




ツンデレTsundere (Harsh Outside-Gentle Inside)
[ ] You come off as sort of aloof to other people.
[x] In public, you intentionally refrain from showing much weakness.
[x]You have a secret obsession with something cute.
[ ] You pretend that you hate your crush even though you really love him/her.
[ ] You blush when people point out your sensitivities.
[ ] You blush when people tell sexual jokes.
Total: 2

ヤンデレYandere (Gentle Outside-Harsh Inside)
[x] You’re very sweet and kind in public.
[ ] When romance becomes a topic of discussion, people say your personality changes drastically.
[x] You know some sort of martial art, swordplay, or otherwise
[x] You have a crush who you’d literally kill for.
[x] You have a pet-peeve that makes you snap.
[ ] Schizophrenic?
Total: 4

メガネっ娘 Meganekko (Girl/Guy-with-Glasses Character)
[ ] You have glasses.
[ ] You are/can sometimes/always be clumsy, ditzy, or absent-minded.
[ ] You are always very polite in your speech.
[x] You are fairly intelligent in some field.
[x] You take discipline seriously.
[x] You have some sort of fetish for something.
Total: 3

突っ込みTsukkomi (Angry Guy)
[ ] You have friend(s) who often make dumb or embarrassing remarks.
[ ] You smack/beat up this friend in some way.
[ ] You do your best to maintain a calm facade, only to be thwarted by this friend.
[ ] If you & your friend were a yin-yang, you’d be the “yin”
[x] You swear a lot.
[ ] You try to bring out the more serious side of your ridiculous friend.
Total: 1

ボケBoke (Dumb Guy)
[ ] You often make silly or embarrassing comments.
[ ] You like annoying the heck out of your best friend.
[ ] You often get beaten up by your friend in some way, but you take it in good stride.
[ ] If you & your friend were a yin-yang, you’d be the “yang”.
[ ] You are normally very laid back and carefree.
[ ] You try to bring out the happier side of your angry friend.
Total: 0

大和撫子Nadeshiko (Perfect Wife)
[ ] You are always, almost overly, polite.
[x] You love traditional Japanese culture.
[x] You often wear either a kimono, yukata (summer cotton kimono), or apron.
[x] You’re an excellent cook.
[ ] You are hardly ever angry.
[x] You have really long hair.
Total: 4

Sexy Character
[ ] Your bust/package is...formidable.
[x] You like making sexual innuendos.
[x] You encourage trips to the beach, pool, or onsen
[ ] There are some sexual things that you are ignorant to or need explained to you.
[x] You’re an expert cosplayer.
[x] You like the taste of alcohol.
Total: 4

Loli/Shota Character
[x] You like sweets or chocolate.
[x] You adore cute things and/or the word “kawaii”.
[ ] You use Japanese suffixes like “-chan,” “-tan,” “-sempai,” etc...
[ ] You add unnecessary suffixes to the ends of your sentences, like nyo, nu, etc.
[ ] You are considered gullible or naive.
[ ] You have a tall/powerful friend who protects you.
Total: 2

ツンデレTsundere (Harsh Outside-Gentle Inside)- 2
ヤンデレYandere (Gentle Outside-Harsh Inside)- 4
メガネっ娘 Meganekko (Girl/Guy-with-Glasses Character)- 3
突っ込みTsukkomi (Angry Guy)- 1
ボケBoke (Dumb Guy)- 0
大和撫子Nadeshiko (Perfect Wife)- 4
Sexy Character- 4
Loli/Shota Character- 2

Voice Meme!!


So we'll be doing this soon! Anyone else who'd like to add questions should do so, before Thursday, I would say (:


Okay, so it's been awhile since I've seen this meme floating around. Therefore, we thought it would be the perfect time to do it! 8D 'We'. Yep, me and my buddy SaiKat here are going to do a joint voice meme. IFFFF you are interested <3

So I think you all know the drill by now, if you do want to hear our voices and are interested in er...whatever you wanna ask....then comment BELOW >:3

If not...leave this page. o.o


Aww...Really? ; n ;

I wanna do a voice meme for you all to hear how I sound, and only 5 people want to ask questions? <////3 Where's the support for my voice meme that I showed everyone else? *pout*

Thank you to the lovelies that left comments though ^^


Read please? (:

Hello lovelies~

First off, I want to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas, I’m sorry I didn’t have time to put up more than my secret santa gifts. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and you have a terrific New Years to go along with the Un-End of the world extravaganza! I really wish I’d had time to make everyone dear to me gifts as well, but alas, I am sorry as I could not. I hope to make it up to you all when I get some spare time. If I can remember what that phrase means~

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Anyhow, I have something I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to! My dear friend, SaiKat is now accepting commissions!! Yep! Amazing, ne? If you haven’t seen her work, mosey on over to her DA here, or her fanart page here and be amazed. She’s an incredible artist and being able to request anything within her powers to do is a pretty awesome idea. Take advantage before all the places are filled and help her out in the process too!

I hope everyone is doing well, please take care and stay safe this season!

Much love,

PS: Thank you all for your support and prayers. I can't thank you enough for that or even begin to explain how much it's meant to me. I will try to post an update on things with me soon, until then, jaa ne <3


I'm your secret santa!!! But because I used a fanart, I don't think I should post this wallpaper up ^^'' I just loved this pic of Ez so much, I had to use it for you. ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE ARTIST! I did not draw this!

Merry Christmas~ I hope you like the wall and the quote. I'll give you the full version next time I catch you on Skype. It may be awhile though >.<'