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I will take requests however:
WARNING: If you request something from me, please have PATIENCE! I only say this...cuz I can never predict what's going on in my life...so some things I'm able to do right away...and some things could take me awhile. >.<


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Well...I feel better now. I mean...the whole first part of today kinda sucked....cuz of something totally different...BUT I sat down, made some wallies and I felt better. I also got the whole issue worked out, so right now I'm feeling pretty mellow.

Tomorrow I'm gonna be so freakin busy.... =-=' lol, oh well.

Anyway, since I am now drawing a blank on just WHAT I wanted to say...I'll leave this here. Just wanted to let ya all know Kira's not on the rant anymore....I'm okay. lol.


I don't get it...

I'm like...ANGRY, Depressed and confused all at the same time right now...

I feel angry because of an issue that has lasted for too long. My extended family has held a grudge against my family for years...over something crazy mind you...but they refuse to drop it...to just let it die. I WANT to speak with my cousins again...but when I try to talk to them...I'm treated like I have the plague. I can't even get a single word out of them...it's like....I'm yelling into the silence...trying to find my echo and yet...it won't answer me.

What makes this whole thing even WORSE is....I didn't do anything wrong. It's not even between me and my cousins...it has to do with my parents and my uncles. That's why I'm depressed...it's like they can't even think for themselves...yet I keep hearing how much they WANT to talk with me. If you WANT to then FREAKIN do it....I can't last forever....I can only try so hard before I break you know?

I'm sorry everyone for crying on your shoulder...but I feel like if I don't let it out I'll burst. TT~TT


EXCITED!!!! ^^

Hey everyone!!!

Okay...I'm thinking I need to post more in this world...really, I should. >.>' Anyway! I'm going to the coast today! WOOHOO! So I'll see you all Thursday!

OH! I'm also really happy with the way the Kingdom is going! Thanx everyone for joining and I just hope you enjoy yourselves! >.< I wanted to be able to post before I left...but I've been so insanely busy I haven't had the chance to finish my post! It's almost done...sorry!!! ^^' I'll do it as soon as I get back!

See ya Later!!

XO I can't believe I DID IT! *round of applause*

Hehe...I totally did it...I cut my hair. I marched right into that salon and said....DO IT BEFORE I CHICKEN OUT! LOL. The length is now about, to the middle of my back...whereas it used to be a little past my hips. o_o You cannot believe how LIGHT it is....heh....I didn't realize my hair was uh...heavy before. >.>' But that's not the freakiest part. I HAVE BANGS! THAT'S RIGHT...I HAD THEM DO IT! They're at about my eyebrows, while the sides are just a bit longer...kinda framing my eyes! I looked in the mirror and was like..."Who's that?" But it wasn't just me...I seriously wasn't even recognized by people i KNOW...-_-' Yes...it's been THAT long since I've had bangs. rofl.

Overall though...IT'S CUTE! AND I LOVE IT! If it hadn't turned out so well...I swear I would be in some emo corner right now crying.

So there ya go...Kira had the guts to do it...I think I deserve a round of applause...but hey that's just me! lol.


Okay...so for everyone's knowledge...I have REALLY long hair. Well...not as long as some ppl...but it's down a little past my hips. Heh...you're probably thinking...yeah...why do I care? T.T Well...tomorrow I'm going to cut it. OMG...I didn't realize how attached I'd become to it...until I realized it's gonna be gone. AND then I was thinking of cutting it to where I have bangs too. o>O WHICH I HAVEN'T HAD SINCE THE SIXTH GRADE!! It's gonna be so wierd...

Sorry to waste ur time...just wanted to get out my fear so that maybe I can actually GO THROUGH WITH IT!! Heh...wish me luck...I'll let you know the outcome. >.>