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I will take requests however:
WARNING: If you request something from me, please have PATIENCE! I only say this...cuz I can never predict what's going on in my life...so some things I'm able to do right away...and some things could take me awhile. >.<


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To those of you who know my OCs

I've decided to try what I did about 2 years ago, since Halloween is coming up.

List one of my OCs and what you'd like to see them dressed up as for Halloween, and I just might draw them as such (: ((provided homework doesn't kill me))

If I get a lot of suggestions, I might make a little competition out of it. If I don't, I might just draw them all xD



Why yes, I am productive tonight. *shot*

Just a couple thoughts

Okay so. I was told there was this new Yugioh series that actually sort of remakes the original Yugioh, only makes it more intense and delves deeper into Yami's past. As a huge Yugioh fangirl, I WAS SO SUPER EXCITED FOR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.........

.......Yeah, I have no idea what this person was talking about. I can't find it. I did however, look at this new Yugioh Zexal series.


So is it just me, or does the hair just get crazier as time goes on?

I mean:

---> External Image <---

LOOK AT THAT. Like. His hair doesn't even LOOK LIKE HAIR. Looks like PLASTIC. And even if not, how freakin long does it take this dude to do his hair before school?! D: REALLY. And the money he probably spends on hair gel?! XDDD oh my. AND IS THAT A FREAKIN SCOUTER??????

And then I find THIS GUY:

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Who looks like THIS GUY from Star Driver:

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e __ e Even down to the outfits. DAMN. I think I'm looking in a mirror. Oh wait. No. They are nothing alike. The first guy has a scar. *waves hands around* That makes him so different.

AHA, but I wasn't the only one that caught it *points dramatically*

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Okay I'm done.



Alright theO, let's play a little game with some good ol' fashioned DBZ trivia.


Go :3

I will edit this post with my commentary after I get a correct answer. xD


So my commentary:

I HAD NO IDEA VEGETA HAD A BROTHER. When my buddy told me about him, I honestly thought he was messin with me. And Tarble? TABLE. It looks like TABLE. VEGE-TA-BLE. LMFAO Serious. Too funny.


Hilarity + Mind.F*ck = Amusing.

Tarble is adorable. His wife is freaky ._.


Wallpaper Site Update

So. I check my backroom today and see the announcement about wallpapers. At first I was like: "hmm...what's this about?"

And then I was like:

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OMG OMG OMG cannot control my excitement <3333 I am so happy about this update. So.Bloody.Happy <3333 x3

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Thank you thank you thank you <333 So much motivation to post up stuff now 8D


Well somebody told me...

You had a boyfriend
Who looked like a girlfriend
That I had in February of last year
It's not confidential
I've got potential
A rushin', a rushin' around

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Yes. Pointless post is pointless. No, I haven't forgotten that I still have comments to answer. Yes, this quarter of school is going to kick my ass. *pout* Just wanted to check in with everyone. Hope you've all been wellllll <3