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I will take requests however:
WARNING: If you request something from me, please have PATIENCE! I only say this...cuz I can never predict what's going on in my life...so some things I'm able to do right away...and some things could take me awhile. >.<


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Valentine's, Once More.

Well, it's that time of the year again, ne? So much has changed for me over the course of a single year. Really. I can't believe it. Yet my feelings are still the same in most aspects of my life. I don't think I'll ever change. *laughs*

SO. Because Kira hates to repeat herself, I'm posting a link to my last year post, since basically, the same feelings and emotions stand on this day. Be sure to refresh your memories by reading it and soaking in the message, neeee?!

Much love from me goes out to all of you. Please try to look past all the depression and peer pressure induced mental/emotional ailments caused by this celebration, and remember to love yourselves. It hurts to see you lose your self-confidence just because of a date. </3





Collab 8D


I'm so happy we made it in time!! I tried to do as much as I could =w= d Hope you guys didn't hate my spam too much >.< Thank you to the artists who appreciated the work I did with their pieces. It was a pleasure working with them <3

I really didn't think we were going to make it for a minute there. So much hate D:> Though I do hope that I helped to get some attention on a couple really great artists here. I'd like to put together a post with my favorites <3 *provided I get some time* oTL

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Much love!

Attention Collab Challenge Alert!


So if you're posting up participating wallpapers and cards with fanart, make sure you go back to them and MAKE SURE THEY ARE LINKED TO THE ORIGINAL! For some reason, even if you have the URL and submit it, it will not show up so you have to edit it. It will affect the numbers, so if you've been participating it doesn't hurt to double check. All of my walls but one were not linked back D:>

Come on guys!! We can do this! *_* d


New Theme~

My world needed a makeover ouo


But I lost some of my buttonssssss ; o ; Should I make new ones?

Anyway, sorry for the random post. Just wanted you all to see the theme <33 =w= v

OH YES. New Year's Resolution. AND, I'd like you guys to help pressure me into keeping it? I want to submit more walls here this year. If I don't post for awhile, prod me please? D:

THANK YOU AND TAKE CARE EVERYONE!!! <3 *caps lock rage from being hyper*



So I read a post about the leaderboards, and thought since I hadn't checked in awhile I should pay them a visit. And then! I SPAZZED. I have always wanted to be on the ALL-TIME wallers leaderboard, and and and, I'm number 3!! *faints* And I'm on t...

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