~Tamaki's ADVENTURE!~

The bustling city streets cried out with the common day-to-day commotion. Horns blaring, people walking every which way, each on their own personal missions. Yes, this is how life was in the city. Full of commotion, and also full of random encounters. An expensive looking, black foreign car suddenly pulled off to the side of the road. Unable to progress any further in the traffic, that was the will of the passenger, as he had cried out only moments before.

"Stop the car! We'll walk from here, thanks!" He announced throwing the door open, almost before the car had come to a complete halt.

"Just WHAT do you mean 'we'll walk from here'? There is no way..." His passenger argued, but quickly found himself completely ignored and alone. He slowly crawled out of the car after his companion.

An obvious foreigner, a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes stood gazing in wonder at the city around him. He looked on with stunned amazement at the cars, the people, the buildings...everything. "Karakura town Kyoya! Isn't it wonderful?! JUST like in the pamphlet!" He shouted to the man behind him, waving around a small brochure in his hands.

The second young man responded, readjusting his glasses with extreme precision. "It's just another city Tamaki... Really, I can't understand why you-"

"NOT just another city! Every city is different Kyoya, silly! Like take this bakery in front of us for instance. It's a small, probably family owned operation. No funding from any big corporations...it's probably just barely surviving...but LOOK AT IT KYOYA! It's HERE, in Karakura town! THE ONLY BAKERY LIKE IT IN THE WORLD!" Tamaki exclaimed matter-of-factly.

Kyoya stood, mouth gaping. Then quickly turned his head to the side. "There's never any arguing with you Tamaki..." He stated. More to himself.

"I'm going in!" Tamaki suddenly shouted rushing forward to the bakery doors. "I wanna see how the other half of the world eats!"

"Tamaki! WAIT!"


Kyoya had been too late. Tamaki had rushed for the door in such a rush, he failed to see it opening already, and crashed right into the person exiting. They both careened to the ground, Kyoya sighing heavily and shaking his head as he watched the whole scene unfold. There was bread rolls everywhere, and a smashed cake. But Tamaki wasn't immediately concerned with that, but the young lady who'd fallen as well.

"I'm so very sorry miss. I was in such a rush I forgot my manners and rushed forward recklessly." He stated smoothly as he helped her to her feet. His smile glinting slightly in the light as he gave her his most attractive gaze.

The girl stood up a bit shakily. She'd taken quite a tumble, and it took her a moment to get her bearings straight. Yet looking at the handsome young man before her apologizing and assisting her so, she couldn't help but blush slightly. It didn't last long though, before she remembered her groceries.

"OH MY GOSH!! I'm so sorry!!" She shouted, jumping back and bowing a couple times. "No need for you to apologize, I was in a bit of a hurry too and I sorta just slammed into you!" She laughed and rubbed the back of her head nervously. "But ummm..." She stopped, looking at him more closely now. "You don't exactly look like you're from around here? Are you a tourist or something??" She questioned, a puzzled look about her as she held her pointer finger to her lips and looked back and forth from Tamaki to Kyoya and back once more.

"I suppose I would." Tamaki laughed. "I've come from France, though I'm not exactly a tourist...I live here in Japan now."

"Yes but Tamaki, as long as you insist on 'seeing the sights', I'm afraid you are considered a 'tourist'." Kyoya countered walking up. "Hello there. My name is Kyoya Otori, and this here is Tamaki Suoh. I'm sorry for my friend's clumsiness, but I think we should be on our way now. We've taken up far too much of your time. You did say you were in a rush, didn't you?"

"Kyoyaaaaa..." Tamaki mumbled, but was utterly ignored.

"Well...yes and no..." The Girl Giggled. "My name is Orihime Inoue, it's a pleasure to meet you." She introduced bowing politely. "I was actually just in a hurry to watch one of my favorite programs...but you say you plan on seeing the sights? Well, I don't know much about anywhere important...but I could show you around Karakura if you need a guide."

"Really?!" Tamaki exclaimed, taking her hands into his. "That would be terrific! Thank you so much Miss Inoue!"

"Ha ha...Orihime's fine...really. And it's no problem. It would be a lot of fun!" She laughed. Then taking a funny stance, and Tamaki following suit, she exclaimed, "Let's go!!"

Kyoya coughed. "Yes...that's all well and good however..." He turned his attention to the shop door, and the groceries still scattered. "I do believe you are obstructing the flow of people...as well as leaving quite a mess in your wake."

"Oh my gosh!!" Orihime exclaimed again, jumping down and collecting everything with lightning speed. It didn't take long, and then the three were off.

She took them to all her favorite spots. An arcade(that served top notch pizza), a tea shop(specializing in it's secret family recipe of tea cakes), an American diner, an ice cream shop, and finally a Karakura staple, The local ramen shop.

"Wow, Karakura is really amazing...isn't it Kyoya?" Tamaki reveled, having just finished his ramen.

"Yes but...Miss Inoue...care to explain why you've only taken us to the...well...'food' locations?"

"Hmm?" Orihime wondered as she spurted bizarre combinations of items into her half-eaten bowl. "I don't know what you mean Kyoya-kun."

"Yeah, Kyoya-kun...I've seen a lot of Karakura...haven't you been paying attention at ALL?" Tamaki agreed, cross-examining Kyoya. "And you haven't even touched your ramen, you should eat it!"

Kyoya looked appalled. "How do you expect me to eat this? After the pizza and the hamburgers and the dumplings and the tea cakes!!! My goodness Tamaki--" Kyoya halted when he noticed Tamaki whispering in Orihime's ear...the two of them staring at him in a most comedic way. He sighed in defeat, taking his chopsticks he took a bite of the ramen. "Delicious!" He shouted in shock. It was the best ramen he'd ever eaten!

"Yep! That's Ichiraku for ya!" A boy sitting next to Kyoya exclaimed. "No matter HOW full you are...you can't help but eat more. Teuchi-san, you're just too good!"

The man behind the counter laughed. "Aw, thank you Naruto."

The three of them stared at the bizarre boy for a moment, but the second Kyoya was finished they were off. It was well past sunset now, soon Tamaki and Kyoya would have to be off. On their way into Tokyo. They actually hadn't meant to stay THIS long in Karakura.

"Ohhh, you have to leave?" Orihime pouted. "I had lots of fun though, I hope you were able to see-"

"Orihime?!" Another girls voice exclaimed from down the alleyway. "What're you doing?" She asked as she came up.

"Rukia!" Orihime laughed. "I was just showing these two around town." She explained with a smile on her face.

"Oh, hello there." Rukia greeted, a slight curtsy. "I'm sorry, but I need to steal Orihime..."

"Well that's alright. We've kept her too long anyhow." Tamaki renounced. He took Orihime's hand and kissed her wrist delicately. "Thank you so very much for showing us the sites young lady. I will never forget your kindness..."

"Ummm yeah..." Orihime blushed lightly.

"Okay! Let's go." Kyoya ordered Tamaki. He had just gotten off his phone, and within minutes a car was waiting at the end of the alleyway.

"GOODBYE!!!!" The parties all waved as they went their separate ways.

Tamaki sat staring out the back window until they were out of sight. He continued to examine the structures of Karakura as they made their way out of town. "Ooooh Kyoya-kun! I wanted to see Don Kononji....we really should've planned to stay in Karakura longer..." He moaned.

"Don Kononji??" Kyoya asked...desperately trying to place a face with that familiar name.

"BWAHAHAHA!" Tamaki exclaimed in his face. Both his arms crossed in the signature television move.

"Oh....THAT Kononji..." Kyoya sighed with irritation, turning his attention back to his side of the car.

They drove for quite awhile. It wasn't until late in the night that the driver noticed he was terribly lost. He was unfamiliar with where he'd ended up...and got more and more nervous by the second. Just as he was about to own up to his predicament however, a huge bubble seemed to appear out of nowhere. He turned sharply to avoid it...and slammed into a nearby pole. No one was hurt, thankfully, but the car was totaled. Jumping out of the car, Tamaki went to investigate the phenomena, once more with no restraint whatsoever.

"Look at it Kyoya...it's just hanging there!" He shouted back as he stood beneath it.

"Get away from there Tamaki! It could be dangerou-"

POP!! The bubble burst and its contents descended upon Tamaki.

Tamaki wasn't really sure just what had happened, but in an instant he felt a terrible weight on top of him. Then voices all around, scrambling and talking and trying to figure out where THEY were.

"Oh my!" A delicate voice exclaimed. "Are you hurt?!"

Tamaki was brought to his feet, having attention finally brought to him, and then he was set face-to-face with four new and unfamiliar faces. Before he could closely examine any of them however, an animal attacked his face.

"Hey LOOKY!! LOOKY!! IT's FAI!!!" It was shouting as it clutched on tightly.

"Mokona!" A young man's voice spoke sternly, seconds later pulling the creature from a stunned Tamaki's face. "I'm really sorry if it scared you...Mokona wouldn't hurt you though..."

"Uh...that's alright...Mokona??" Tamaki wondered, trying to look at his attacker. "What did it mean I was a Fai?"

"That would be me, Fai Flourite." A jolly sounding voice spoke from behind the boy in front of Tamaki. "Apparently Mokona here thinks you resemble me quite a bit!" He laughed.

Tamaki looked up at him. Blonde hair, though slightly longer than his own, and also blue eyes. He smiled. "Well, I suppose we are similar." He agreed.

"Similar? The two of you could be brothers..." A dark cloaked man stated examining them both with surprise. "Fai...you sure you don't have any relatives you haven't told us about?" He stated seriously.

At this, Fai looked a bit nervous. "Well Kuro-pun..."

"Don't call me that!" He immediately rebuked, not allowing Fai to continue.

Their argument escalated, the dark man furious, meanwhile the smile never leaving Fai's face. Tamaki tried to stop them, but was stopped by the girl.

She laughed delicately. "Don't worry about them, they're always like that."

"Aren't you the slightest bit concerned?" Tamaki wondered.

"No, the Princess is right. No need to worry, they'll stop in a bit." The boy beside her assured him.

"Well Well Tamaki, it would seem you are very quick to make acquaintances anywhere you go..." Kyoya stated as he approached. "Even IF it happened to be under strange circumstances..."

"Oh yeah...sorry about that. We can never control just where we land..." The Boy apologized sincerely. "My name is Syaoran by the way. This is Princess Sakura. You know Fai now, and the one he's fighting with is Kurogane."

"HEY! Don't forget Mokona Syao-Syao!!

"Oh right," Syaoran laughed. "And that's Mokona."

Tamaki smiled widely, he loved the kind personality that seemed to resonate from Syaoran and Sakura. "My name is Tamaki Suoh. This is my friend Kyoya Otori."

"And I am Yuko Ichihara." Another voice suddenly interjected from the darkness. Everyone's eyes turned towards her in shock. No one had even sensed her there. "It would seem you've come back far sooner than I expected Syaoran, and party."

"And Party?! Witch, you know our names!" Kurogane exclaimed, disgust written all over his face.

She laughed wickedly. "You're right, I'm sorry Fai, Sakura, Mokona. Now, let's go inside shall we? It's late and there are too many prying eyes."

"Heyyyy...." Kurogane growled. "Don't think you can..."

"Just drop it Kuro-pun." Fai teased and started after the group.

Tamaki and Kyoya were unsure of just what to do. Should they follow? It seemed they really weren't part of it...they should just mind their own business. But their car was totaled...they were stranded....

"Plan on staying outside for the night?" Yuko called from behind her gate. "I've had Watanuki prepare enough for 10! Hurry now!"

A big grin on his face, Tamaki rushed inside. Kyoya followed with slight hesitation...but he couldn't just leave Tamaki to his own devices. He shuddered at the very thought of the chaos he would bring.

Once inside, they found themselves in a very strange atmosphere. Before they could examine too much, two girls rushed to attend them and lead them inside to the others. Upon rejoining them, the two kept quiet...not wanting to be rude or interrupt. Yet, Yuko immediately addressed them.

"I see you've met Maru and Moro!" She laughed. "Do you want to know what their full names are, hmmm?"

"Trust me, you don't...it's really stupid!" Another man dejected entering with an apron on and a tray-full of food.

"Oooh, Watanuki you're no fun! I think they're cute!" Yuko whined. "I'll tell them anyway! Maru and Moro are actually Marudashi and Morodashi!" She exclaimed laughing. "Wait! Where's the Sake` Watanuki? You know it's not a party without the sake!"

"YEAH! THE SAKE`! Hurry it up slave-boy!" A small voice exclaimed from somewhere near Yuko, yet Tamaki couldn't tell who's voice.

"Fine! But I'm not your Slave boy you annoying little plush-ball!" He nearly screeched.

"I'm not a plush-ball!! Mokona is Mokona!!" A Tiny black creature pounced up and down, shaking it's hand at Watanuki.

"Excuse me but..." Tamaki suddenly spoke. Everyone froze and looked at him as he pointed at the Black Mokona. "It...turns colors? I thought it was white just a moment ago..."

"No that was ME!!" The white mokona called out, jumping off of Fai's shoulder.

Yuko laughed. "Yes you see, there are two Mokona. Quite easy to keep track of, since that's all there are."

Tamaki blinked and looked at Kyoya. "Did you hear that Kyoya? They must be...some sort of RARE SPECIES!" He called out dramatically.

Kyoya rolled his eyes as Tamaki ran over and grabbed the Black Mokona. He hugged it fondly after examining it. "Look Kyoya...isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen?! Can we adopt it?! Please!"

Kyoya sighed and Yuko started laughing. "I'm afraid you can't do that. Mokona is instrumental to my work. I'm very sorry. Unless..." She walked over to Tamaki and placed her fingers under his chin. Gently raising his face to meet her own. "You would like to pay an equal amount in exchange. After all, if it is truly your wish to have a Mokona, a price must be paid."

Tamaki's eyes were wide, the tone of her voice was rather eerie and frightening. He shook his head. "No...nevermind. I wouldn't want to take a rare creature such as this if it's needed. Besides, it would most likely be lonely...parted from it's other."

Yuko smiled. "Suit yourself. Well now, your rooms are all prepared for the night, feel free to turn in whenever you wish. But first, let us enjoy this wonderful banquet prepared by Watanuki!"

Watanuki mumbled indistinguishable words of protest, something about 'being worked to the bone' and 'underappreciated'...yet Tamaki got the feeling they had a very unique relationship. As he sat down to eat, he expected quite a 'common' meal...but was surprised. A great spread had been prepared, almost as grand as a banquet in his own home. Not only that, but everything was extremely delicious. Maybe even MORESO than the food back home. He was struck speechless.

"So Sakura, Syaoran, what brings you back here? Have you come personally to seek my aid?" Yuko asked after the meal as Watanuki, Maru and Moro, started to collect the dishes.

"Nope! Mokona sensed a feather!" The white Mokona exclaimed. "But now I can't sense it at all..."

"It's okay Mokona. I'm sure you'll find it again." Sakura stated with a smile. Making Mokona smile in return and jump to her side.

"I quite honestly found it strange for us to end up here again as well." Fai laughed. "And right on your doorstep no less."

"Yes well, there are no accidents." Yuko stated confidently. "Apparently something has appeared in this world recently that has escaped my notice, a feather...or perhaps something with similar energy that I have overlooked."

"Hah, getting sloppy there, huh Witch?" Kurogane sneered from the corner in which he sat.

Yuko ignored his comment. "I'm sure the two of you are quite confused." She asked, looking at Tamaki and Kyoya, who'd been oddly quiet all through the meal and the following discussion.

"Yes well, it's really not our place to interfere in the matter of others, therefore-" Kyoya began.

"What he means to say is," Tamaki interrupted. "Is there anything we can do to help you out? It would seem you're looking for something. Am I wrong?"

"Yes. We're looking for a feather." Syaoran answered earnestly. "It's white, and seems to resonate...you haven't come across anything like that have you?"

Tamaki rubbed the back of his head. "I'm afraid not...though honestly...to me...that sounds just like a basic dove's feather. I'm sorry."

"As I said, it is none of our concern. Unless perhaps a fee were to be-" Kyoya started again.

"Can I help you look?" Tamaki asked. Once again cutting Kyoya off mid-sentence.

Kyoya shook his head and pushed up his glasses. Tamaki was relentless. He didn't understand how Tamaki intended to start a club, when he had no concept of 'charging' for services rendered.

"We can use all the help we can get...I'd really appreciate that. Thank you." Syaoran graciously accepted.

"Yes but...I don't want to burden you with my troubles. Please, if it's too much-" Sakura started.

"Nonsense." Tamaki said taking her hands into his. "It's my mission to bring happiness to women everywhere. I will find this feather of yours...no matter what the cost!" He stated, slowly becoming a grand declaration as the sentence progressed.

"Well isn't that a grand mission!" Fai admired. "You could learn from this one Kuro-ku."

"Shut up..." Kurogane growled. "I'm going to bed." He stood up and walked to his room for the night.

"I suppose we should all do the same. If we are to begin searching in the morning." Fai conveyed.

Everyone agreed, and departed for a peaceful night's rest.

The next morning a large breakfast was being prepared when Tamaki rose. He was the first one up, being the early riser he was. He shuddered at the thought of waking Kyoya. Each time he'd attempted to wake HIM early, he'd nearly met with his death.

"Yes, Kyoya won't be going with you today. It'll be impossible for you to wake him." Yuko said, coming from behind and making Tamaki jump.


"You heard me." Yuko smiled. "Would you like to know how I know?"

"No...I believe you..." Tamaki said with slight reservation. Her tone always seemed so...dangerous...no...suspicious.

Tamaki counted his lucky stars he wasn't alone with her long, soon the party from last night were all in the room with them. They all enjoyed a wonderful breakfast, and before they left Tamaki attempted to wake Kyoya anyway.

"SEVEN in the morning..." Kyoya sneered with what seemed to be a demonic aura around him. "Tamaki, I know you aren't asking me to go out and search when it was YOU who volunteered to perform such a mundane task..." He spoke...Tamaki could almost see fire coming out of his mouth. He huddled before him, shivering.

"No...Nevermind Kyoya! GOOD NIGHT!" He ran out the door, slamming it shut quickly and taking a deep breath of relief. Yuko was right...there was NO getting Kyoya out of bed...

Once he rejoined the others, they took to the streets of Tokyo. Tamaki discovered that Mokona could actually SENSE these 'feathers' that they were searching for, so both were out on the streets. The Black Mokona had been assigned to go with Watanuki and two others. A young man by the name of Domeki, and a young lady named Himawari. It was nearing mid-day now, but still neither party had found anything. No sign of the feather anywhere. Tamaki's feet were tired, they'd walked a good chunk of the way...he was exhausted. They came to a McDonalds, and decided to stop in for a bite. Tamaki treated, as a sign of friendship.

"SPILL IT KAGOME! Just who is that GUY we saw you with?!"

"What guy?"

"Yeah! Are you two-timing on HOJO?!"

Tamaki couldn't help but become interested in this conversation from the volume the girls in the booth behind them were speaking. From what he gathered, the girl in the middle was somehow cheating on her boyfriend with another man. He was curious on just how she intended to weasel out of this one.

"I don't know what you guys are talking about so, just DROP IT!" She shouted.

"Geez Kagome, I thought you could at least talk to us. Aren't we friends?"

"Yes we are, but I'm not cheating on Hojo! I'm not even WITH Hojo!" The girl name Kagome rebuked.

Tamaki laughed and finished off his shake. The girls were apparently finished as well. They all got up and left. Just as they walked by, Mokona got a strange expression on it's face.

"What is it Mokona?! A feather?!" Fai questioned quickly.

"I'm not sure...but it sure feels like one!" Mokona responded. "She has it!"

Tamaki followed the path of which Mokona had pointed. It was the one named Kagome! They all took off after her, but she'd already boarded a bus.

"No!" Kurogane exclaimed. "Now what?"

"I'll follow it!" Syaoran stated, racing after the bus on the sidewalk next to it.

"Syaoran!" Sakura called out, but there was no stopping him. She got ready to take off after him, but was stopped by Tamaki.

He had a strange expression on his face. "Don't worry Sakura, we'll catch up to that bus in NO TIME!" Drawing out his cell phone from his pocket the way a cowboy would draw his gun, he twirled it and simultaneously dialed. "Yes, McDonalds at this location." He spoke forcefully. "Immediately. Also, send a car."

Amazingly, in a matter of minutes a big black car pulled up. A driver stepped out and opened the back door. "Young masters." He spoke, instructing them to get in.

"Just who ARE you?" Kurogane asked with a curious expression, directed at Tamaki.

"A very valuable friend. That's who." Fai stated with a smile and got into the car.

"I've had them track the stops on that bus. Luckily for us, there's only one final stop. A shrine, Higurashi Shrine." Tamaki conveyed. "That has to be Kagome's destination."

"My my, you certainly are well-informed." Fai admired kindly.

Meanwhile, Syaoran had managed to gain on the bus, and had jumped atop it via a pedestrian overpass. He sat waiting for it to come to a halt.

When it finally DID stop, Kagome exited the bus as usual. She headed up the stairs leading to her family shrine, humming a little to herself. Syaoran was close behind, he didn't want to frighten her...but he hadn't actually SEEN the feather either. He didn't want to jump to conclusions, so he hesitated.

"Syaoran!" Sakura called as they climbed the steps behind him.

"Princess?!...How did you..."

"Nevermind that, have you seen the feather yet?" Fai asked, quickly assessing the situation.

"No. I haven't. I don't know how we should go about this..." Syaoran conveyed.

"Hike`!" Mokona exclaimed, eyes wide again. "It's STRONGER now! We're really close! Yes we are!"

"That settles it. Let's just go in and take it." Kurogane settled.

"TAKE WHAT?!" A sudden loud voice boomed, forcing Kurogane to draw his sword, blocking the down slash of another blade. "Maybe you wanna tell me what you're doing FOLLOWING Kagome!"

"Maybe you want to tell me what you ARE!" Kurogane sneered, examining the man BEHIND the sword. "Are those fake...or do you really have Cat Ears..."

"They're DOG Ears...and NO they ain't fake!" The man exclaimed angrily, shoving forward in an effort to gain in their clash.

"Calm down, calm down...I'm sure we can explain." Fai stated with a huge smile, trying to relieve the situation.

"EXPLAIN why you're FOLLOWING Kagome!" The man shouted.

"Well...if you would put your sword away, then maybe-"

"INUYASHA! SIT!!!" A voice shouted from above. The man slammed to the ground with a hard thud, causing Kurogane to stumble forward and have to catch himself. Kagome came running down the stairs. "I thought it was weird when you didn't follow me inside! What do you think you're doing?!"

"UGh...DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO DO THAT?!" The man screamed hoarsely. "Maybe for once you could think I'M the one who's right!"

"Not likely." Kagome said crossing her arms. She smiled at the party. "Are you all visitors to the shrine? I'm terribly sorry for Inuyasha's behavior...he's not exactly from around here..." She stated a bit nervously.

Fai smiled. "Actually...neither are we. No need to worry about that."

"We've come because of you." Syaoran spoke up, stepping forward. "I'm sorry if this is weird, I didn't want to scare you but...have you seen a white feather? It's rather bright...and it resonates. My friend thinks you may know about it..."

"Feather?" Kagome blinked curiously. She put her finger to her chin and thought deeply. "Nope." She said with a smile. "I'm sorry, no feathers like that around here. What IS this feather?"

Inuyasha had sat up and was mumbling to himself angrily. Kurogane still had his sword out, and hadn't taken his eyes off of Inuyasha for a moment. Namely, his ears.

"To be honest, I don't know either." Tamaki laughed at her confused expression. "I just know it's really important for Sakura here..."

Sakura turned her eyes downward, a bit disappointed that they'd run to a dead end.

Mokona jumped up and snatched something out of Kagome's pocket. "THIS IS IT!"

"WHY YOU LITTLE!" Inuyasha screeched and charged Mokona. "GIVE BACK THE JEWEL SHARDS!"

"Jewel shards?" Fai questioned, he sensed the magical aura around the item...immediately realizing that that was what Mokona had really been sensing all along.

Mokona laughed as it led Inuyasha along, running around in circles with the jewels held above it's head.

Kagome laughed. "That reminds me of Inuyasha and Shippo." She commented. But just as Inuyasha was about to catch Mokona..."SIT BOY!"

Down he went.

"Kaaaagooooomeeee...." He muttered from inside the new ground imprint.

Everyone looked at Kagome with wide-eyed expressions. They almost felt sorry for the poor fool. She seemed to be extremely powerful. "Can I please have those back?" She asked Mokona nicely, kneeling down.

"Sure." Mokona agreed, handing the small capsule back to Kagome without hesitation. "Huhu!" Mokona laughed at Inuyasha as he got up and rubbed his back.

"I see...so those 'jewel shards' possess some sort of magical ability, don't they?" Fai asked stepping forward. "It would seem we were led along on a wild goose chase I'm afraid."

"Magic?" Kagome giggled. "Well...I guess it's kind of magical. It's more spiritual from what I've gathered though." Finally Kagome actually took a moment to think about what they'd said...and she wondered just why they weren't curious about Inuyasha at all. They hadn't even questioned him having dog-ears... "Just where exactly are all of you from?"

Fai smiled. "Oh here and there..." He started with an excuse.

"We aren't from this world." Syaoran interrupted with the truth. "We're able to travel between dimensions...we really need to find Sakura's feathers. You're sure you've never seen ANYTHING out of the ordinary?" He was trying to be very thorough and didn't want to give up hope just yet.

Kagome looked from side to side. This 'traveling dimensions' comment had stricken something with her. "Maybe if you go through the well..." She nearly whispered. "I mean...if you're like me..."

"Kagome!" Inuyasha snapped. She glared at him and he went silent. Yet not pleasantly. A grim sulky expression crossed his face as he crossed his arms with frustration.

The group was quite curious, but followed Kagome as she led them to a small building within the shrine grounds. Opening the heavy door, she led them inside. "This is the Bone-Eater's well...and it's through this well that I travel to the Feudal Era of Japan."

"That would be the past of your timeline?" Fai questioned, admiring the well closely. He didn't sense anything peculiar from it at all. It seemed completely normal...

"Yes." Kagome confirmed. "Maybe what you're looking for could be there?"

Syaoran looked at the others and stepped down towards the well. "If there's even the slightest chance...I have to check it out."

"But Syaoran, what if you can't get back..." Sakura questioned, slightly hesitant.

"Then he'll probably be eaten alive. There are TONS of demons over there that would LOVE to have HIM for dinner." Inuyasha smirked from the doorway.

"Inuyashaaaa!" Kagome growled. Inuyasha just snickered.

"Don't worry princess. I'm not afraid." Syaoran stated with a smile to put Sakura at ease. "We can't pass up a chance to find your feather."

"Yes but..."

"Well, if he can get THROUGH the well, he shouldn't have a problem coming back." Kagome contemplated. "There's a well on the other side too. It acts like a portal..."

"I see. Thank you. Mokona, let's go!" Syaoran accepted and quickly jumped into the well holding Mokona.

Everyone stood silent, they didn't even breathe...trying to hear a sound...something. They did. A huge Thump.

Kagome ran over to the edge of the well and looked down. "Are you there?"

"Yes..." Came Syaoran's disappointed response. "Let me guess...it didn't work...right?"

"Nope." Kagome affirmed and tossed down a rope ladder. "You wouldn't have hit the bottom."

The disappointed Syaoran climbed out of the well. "It's no big deal Syaoran." Mokona chimed from his shoulder, in an attempt to console him.

"It would seem...there really isn't a feather in this world after all." Fai stated at last...pointing out bluntly what they were all thinking. "And since that's the case...we should be moving on."

"I agree. We shouldn't waste time." Kurogane affirmed gruffly.

They exited the building into the wider area preparing to depart. Syaoran turned to Tamaki. "Thanks for your help, it was nice to meet you." He said, shaking Tamaki's hand. "Please tell Yuko thanks as well...and that there in fact wasn't a feather here."

"Will do." Tamaki confirmed with a smile. "Good Luck recovering the feathers...it really is too bad you couldn't get one here...I would've really liked to see one..."

Kagome nodded. "Yeah...I'm curious too...they seem really important."

"They are." Sakura giggled. "Good bye everyone...and thank you all so much."

They were a bit confused...confused and curious on just how the party were going to leave. Both Kagome and Tamaki watched with pent up excitement.

"BYE Fai Clone!!" Mokona waved.

Tamaki shook his head and looked at Fai who simply laughed. "Take care."

"LET'S GOOOO!!!" Mokona then declared, growing huge wings and floating into the air above the party. A symbol appeared beneath them and they were absorbed into a malleable-looking ball...then swallowed by Mokona in a bright flash of light. Tamaki, Kagome and Inuyasha all shielded their eyes from it...and a second later they were gone. Just as though they'd never even been there to begin with.

The three stood in awe for a moment, Inuyasha breaking the silence. "I will never understand your era Kagome. There are some weird occurrences in this place..."

Kagome shook her head. "He lives with DEMONS...and he says THIS era is hard to accept." She whispered to Tamaki.

Tamaki laughed. "Well, I suppose I should be going now too. I have to be getting home myself today..." Tamaki debated, looking back towards the exit to the shrine. "Though my journey isn't quite so flashy...I'll be taking a car."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Get going already."

Tamaki smiled. "Farewell Kagome. I'm sorry to have intruded on you. Thank you for your kindness though."

"No problem but...I really didn't even get your names...everything just sort of spiraled so fast." She replied honestly.

"Oh, how very rude of me." Tamaki stumbled in shocked realization. "My name is Tamaki Suoh."

"Kagome. Kagome Higurashi. And that's Inuyasha...but I think you know that by now."

"Yes, interesting power you have over him."

"It's a gift." Kagome smirked.

"More like a curse..." Inuyasha mumbled.

Shortly after the farewell pleasantries, Tamaki returned to the waiting car and back to Yuko's shop. He found Kyoya just finishing up a meal and talking happily with Yuko. After being informed of everything that'd happened, Watanuki and the others were called back. It was time for Kyoya and Tamaki to get moving too. Their other car was still in quite critical damage, so they would have to use this car instead. Either way, it was time for Tamaki's adventure to come to an end...he was slightly disappointed...but also rather happy. He'd met all sorts of interesting people along the way, and had come up with a whole set of plans to carry out, all concerning a certain club he was about to start.

"Thank you again for your hospitality Miss Ichihara." Tamaki bowed very slightly.

Yuko smiled. "Really, Yuko is just fine Tamaki, and it was my pleasure. Do come back some time, will you? We'll have another big party!"

Tamaki smiled excitedly and Kyoya shook his head.

Driving off in the direction of home, Kyoya couldn't help but wonder what had Tamaki so happy. He knew he would regret it...but he asked.

"It was wonderful wasn't it Kyoya? Just like a real fairytale adventure." Tamaki explained in a strange tone. "We met so many kind people, saw new things...and I tried to help recover something important. When I was out there...it was like I was hunting down a real treasure...I only wish I could've found it for that girl. I wish I could've made her smile..."

Kyoya adjusted his glasses and looked out the window opposite Tamaki. "Well...just because you didn't find her 'item' doesn't mean you didn't make her happy. After all, you selflessly sought to help her, and in the end left on a good note right?"

"Kyoya..." Tamaki spoke, his mouth gaping open in shock by what he'd said.

"Ahem...that's not to say I encourage what you did!" Kyoya quickly changed his tone. "You were out all day, and what did it get you Tamaki?! Nothing...not a single dime! And you expect to run a club...on what funds? Your good looks?"

Tamaki laughed. "Well that's what you're there for, right Kyoya? You'll make sure I don't get too carried away. As for my good looks...why yes....actually that's EXACTLY what I plan to run it on." He smiled devilishly and began going over his grand scheme.

The car drove off, into the sunset of the city. Leaving behind nothing but friends and good memories.

The End
In Order of Appearance:

Tamaki Suoh--Ouran High School Host Club
Kyoya Otori--Ouran High School Host Club
Orihime Inoue--Bleach
Naruto Uzumaki--Naruto
Rukia Kuchiki--Bleach
Don Kononji((referenced))--Bleach
Sakura--Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Mokona--Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Syaoran--Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Fai Flourite--Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Kurogane--Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Yuko Ichihara--xxxHolic
Maru & Moro--xxxHolic
Kimihiro Watanuki--xxxHolic
Kagome's friends who's names escape me--Inuyasha
Kagome Higurashi--Inuyasha

*Marudashi and Morodashi actually means "Stripping and Streaking" In Japanese. Yuko never got the chance to explain.

Well...I really hope you enjoyed my first fanfiction. I have never written one...never. :x I WRITE, but it's always just been my own stories and characters. LOL

I told you it was really LONG Poochy...I just hope you enjoyed it. ^^ Also just on a side note...I tried to get the characters down as best I could...sorry if you feel that some may not have been "in character". As I said, first fanfic...don't torch me plz! >_<'