Completing a Dare *snickers*

A Brief Explanation:

This was written for Genesis. ^^ He dared me to dye Sephiroth's hair red, which gave birth to this idea. It also came about thanks to the entertaining writing piece he showed me. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Gen. ^^ And so, he asked me to share it with all of you. Enjoy. ^^


Sephiroth woke and stood up with a light yawn. Stretching his arms over his head, he began his morning routine of basic exercises. Yet completely unknown to him…there were two characters lurking in his bathroom.

“Got it yet?”

“No…don’t rush me!”

“Okay okay…shhh!”

“I’m trying! But you’re making me panic…”

“Just hurry, I heard him yawn!”

Hearing a small thud made Sephiroth turned his head for a moment. Blinking a couple times at the door to his private restroom he quirked a brow and tilted his head. Standing up, he walked over to the door…reaching for it slowly. And then his stomach growled. With a slight moan, he changed his mind and headed out of his room. Off to get his morning coffee and pastry.

From inside, someone fell to the ground in breathless relief. “Oh god…I thought we were caught…”

“You worry too much.” A man said with a confident smile. “Even if he did catch us, he would never suspect what we’ve done.”

Sitting up, the girl on the floor looked up at him and shook her head. “He’s going to find and skin us both…you realize that, don’t you?”

Again with a confident smirk, the man bent and put his gloved hand to the girl’s chin, lifting it gently. “Let him try.”

She sighed, taking his hand and making him help her up. “I don’t care…let’s get out of here. I’ve completed my dare…”

“Yes you have.” He smiled. “Now to lie in wait…”

Opening the door quietly, they made their way to the safety of the closet. Hunched close together and looking out through the smallest of cracks, the girl blushed a bit being so near to this man. When Sephiroth finally reentered his chambers, he made his way for the shower, shedding his clothes and tossing them to the bed. A pair of gloved hands found their way over the girl’s eyes during this process, much to her disappointment. Yet soon enough, the water was on, and the waiting began again.

“You have the camara…right?” The man whispered.

“Yes yes…but you better protect me…” The girl insisted.

“Don’t worry. I told you already. I won’t let him kill you. Trust me.” The man said with a smirk.

Some time after, the water flow stopped, and it got very quiet. Sephiroth hummed a tune happily…until it fell completely silent. The tension in the air seeming to build out of nowhere. “AAAAAAAGHHHHH!!!” The scream rattled the very foundations of the building.

The door flew open, and so did the closet door. The girl flashed a series of pictures, making a break for the door.

“I KNEW IT WAS YOU!! DAMN YOU!” Sephiroth screamed, pursuing the man following close behind the girl.

“Red looks good on you!” The man mused, not afraid in the slightest, actually quite happy by the result of his deed as he rushed out.

They ran down the hall, making their escape.


Genesis laughed. “Just keep running Kira! We did it!!”

“You….owe….me!!” Kira huffed.