Name(s): Sophia Perry, Sagesse Poirier, Tofu(?), Soap, Wolfy, Chie-chan, Shadow Lurker, Phi(phi)-chan, Miss Batty(?), Lurker, Shadow Voice, Chibichimi-chan
Blood type: Unknown
Sign: Taurus
Year of the Rooster


Torn, torn between love and duty.
Between hatred and friendship.
The choice, the choice is always the conflict.
And dreams come true the way you never want them to!

This is me. This is you, reading a box that is supposed to tell about me. But it doesn't. And that's okay. I like it better that way.

C'est moi. C'est vous, qui lit un boit qu'est suppos� � vous dire de moi. Mais il ne le fait pas. Et c'est bien. Je l'aime cet moyen.

Current Residence: Wonderland
Interests: manga, anime, wolves, metal, drawing, screwing around, being annoying
Favourite movie: Balto.
Favourite band or musician: Brian "Head" Welch and Trent Reznor
Favourite genre of music: industrial metal and nu grunge
Favourite artist: ummmm. i like flowy styles, that is like, magic, y'know?
Favourite poet or writer: Ted Dekker, Anne Rice, and Holly Black
Favourite style of art: drawing
Operating System: MACINTOSH!!!!!
Favourite game: Pokemon XD and any fantasy RP games, + mah fav animes
Favourite cartoon character: TR!!! and Nekozawa senpai
Personal Quote: ...And fairytales come true the way you never want them to!Tools of the Trade: pencil. pen.
Email: [email protected]

Eschatology: No Dog's Requiem

Eschatology: Seventeen | Part 01 | # Part 02 # ( Simple melody, but scratchy and with skips, like a damaged record. ) ( Whispered ) # L’amour tue ( This love kills ) Surtout en les machinations foncées...

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Triplicity: No Dog's Requiem

Triplicity: Bichonnée | Part 01 | # Part 02 # ( Very ‘twisted’ sounding, like the beginning of Linkin Park’s By Myself. ) | One thing | # I know, deep in my core What goes on behind e...

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Deuxieme: No Dog's Requiem

Deuxième: Doppelganger | Part 01 | # Part 02 # ( A backwards song: a conclusion introduces the song. But go further - all instrumentals should be backward, but still match the verse. ) # Le soleil viens ( The sun ...

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Wish. by missBATTY, or, the Louvine Phantasm 1. Dusk The emotional vampire. It feeds on emotion to survive. Four occurences of a spirit, and the cause will appear. Her soul shards were so powerful that the...

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you know you fail when....

hello! this is the fail master on failing, which I fail at...

so I was in the bathroom, minding my own business, when all of a sudden, something jumps out at me... the tampon box! yes, that's right, I cut my freaking finger on a freaking tampon box. and it only healed just now. before then it was this nasty looking scrape. and yes, I did wash my hands. very well.