Eschatology: No Dog's Requiem

Eschatology: Seventeen

| Part 01 |
# Part 02 #

( Simple melody, but scratchy and with skips, like a damaged record. )

( Whispered ) # L’amour tue ( This love kills )
Surtout en les machinations foncées ( Especially in the dark machinations )
De tes yeux ( Of your eyes ) #
| Seventeen minutes after midnight |
# That’s the first thing I ever saw
Endless talk of cycles, an endless fight
Glowing numbers mock me as I draw #
| We all know this will never stop
The only difference is I stopped trying
You can battle it forever or let it drop |
# I stopped caring, I started flying #
( Quick instrumental break)
| Eight minutes to eleven
All I can see is you
We are both drowning deep, deep
In this sea of fantasies blue |
# The one thing I can’t have you keep
Would be my nonexistent heart
You cannot have what isn’t real #
| You and I could play the part |
# You hate me so, this love I just can’t feel #
| Twenty three minutes after two
My limit is up today |
# Here I am, slowly dying #
| Life comes with a price I don’t want to pay |
# Refusing to, yet I am crying #
| I don’t want to be a pawn anymore |
# Sever my ties, become a spectre#
| You sicken me, sicken me to the core |
# Your love kills me like a poisonous nectar #
( Instrumental break )
| Seventeen minutes after midnight
I wake up, I can know the world |
# I stay lonely so you can’t bite
These knives you so carelessly hurled #
| I know I drive you crazy
But can’t you see I’m doing it to myself? |
# The demon, the demon, here lays she
My true being I place on this shelf #

( Whisper as song ends. ) # And I abandon the world for now. #