Arata Kangatari is Yuu Watase's current shounen manga, running weekly in Sh┼Źnen Sunday.

Hinohara Arata is starting fresh at a new school - away from his past bullies and humiliation. But when he arrives and finds his old nemesis, things seem to go back to the way they were. After a seeming betrayal from his new friend, Arata wishes he could disappear - and finds himself in a completely different world, having switched places with another "Arata"...

Currently this manga is being scanlated by PROJECT Kurai Ryu.

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Chapters 63, 64 and Volume 2

I'm a little late on this one. Chapters 63 and 64 are up (and have!

Also Volume 2 will be released in the U.S. by VIZ on June 8th, although Amazon already has it in stock. =D

Also please check out the deviantART Arata Group for some Arata cosplay pictures from ACen 2010 featuring Kojika as Kannagi, me as Kotoha and some of our friends as the rest of the cast! ^_^

Chapter 62 & Volume 1

After a long hiatus Chapter 62 is up! I apologize for the lack of sound effects and the poor cleaning quality but we seem to have lost our cleaner and between 2 jobs, a full load of classes, applying for Grad school and getting ready for ACen I have little time to edit Arata let alone clean the scans properly. This is probably going to be the case until the semester is over at least unless we can get a volunteer to clean the scans again. =) But at the very least it's out there, poor visual quality or not!

Also, Volume 1 of the manga has been officially released in English earlier this month. Please show your support and buy it! =D

Chapter 61

Ok, so Chapter 61 is available. =)

We're about 2 chapters behind again, but hopefully will be able to keep upfor the most part as the new semester continues on. ^^

deviantART Arata Group!

Hey guys, for those of you on deviantART, come and check out my new Arata Kangatari Group! Feel free to join and submit any Arata related fanworks!

Chapter 60

And Chapter 60 is up. With this we are now all caught up! ^_^