~About Me~

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Name : Ermelinda
Nickname: Erme, Mel, Linda, R <--(I hate if somebody call me that)
Gender : Female
Age : 24
Birth : October 30th
Height : 5'1 (I'm short)
Hobbies : reading, drawing, swimming, eating
Hair : short, natural brown
Eyes : natural brown eyes, glasses (can't see any without it)
Daily Looks : t-shirt, jeans, running shoes, natural make-up with mascara
Favorite things : my laptop and my bike
Favorite quotation : hmm...Think, think, think and decide!
Favorite manga : Skip Beat, Dengeki Daisy, 666-SATAN, and more!
Favorite books : hmm...I'm in love with a book "Icylandar" which tell about a journey of twin Elf-king.
Favorite movies : too many!
Favorite music groups : Super Junior, SNSD, 2NE1
Favorite band : Avenged Seven Fold
Favorite colors : black, grey, purple, blue

Personality : Well, basically I'm nice. I am not easily angered, but I would not hesitate to kick the person who made ​​me lose my patience. I'm childish.I give up easily but again struggled at the last moment. I cry easily, when I watch movies, reading, and I'm the 1st one who cry in my best friend's wedding. I am a very cheerful person, I will laugh out loud when I saw something funny, and I will jump happily and smiled all day when something good happen. Some of my friends say that I'm a crazy girl. I like to try extreme foods. I love traveling but I have no money to do one -_-'


It's been about 2 weeks since I work at my current workplace. AND I'M NOT USED TO IT YET!!! XD
I got a job at a hotel, and I hold multiple position here, since my co-worker is going to take a labor soon. so... yep, I work as Reservation Staff, Designer, an Matketing staff...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand my Boss just told me I will be the Event Organizer for upcoming "HUGE GATHERING EVENT" at our hotel. I will organizing eevent for 1500 person, more or less. and I was like

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I mean I'm new here, and he's already give me a HUGE JOB
Anyway, I have need to do some work before my office hours ended T_T
Please pray for me that I won't collapsed XD

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My lastest work progress, it will be up today...

Silly Picture

Just LOL. I've been bored caz it was raining outside, got nothing to do. So me and my bro made some silly pics. This is one of them. XD

No Anime, No Manga until 8 arts up QAQ

So.... as you may know, I made a bet with Zuzu and I'm lost... As she predicted XDDD
and since i have a long list of pic that i must finish, she forbid me to watch any anime or read any manga before i finish my list. Well, since she's not a bad person she less the amount of the picture into 8 arts. Lol! Still musch for me, since I'm a perfectionist and a slow one. lol!

BUT I'LL DO THIS! And then more art will be up! >D

P.S. Don't mind this post, I'm just felling hyper at the moment. I consumed too mush sugar. Lol!

Art in Progress

So... since I always been a procrasinator or whatever it called, maybe if i put my art project here I'll be stick on the line lol, I mean maybe I'll do my art faster ^^ I hope so... Zuzu's post inspired me to do this lol!

So for starting 2014, I decided to re-do or continuing some unfinish picture and requests or gifts I left behind last year. So if you made request to me before and I didn't put your name here, please feel free to ask again :3

*I'll re-do most of the sketch since i missed place my old sketch and most of them are broken QAQ

Here we go!

1. clueless101<request> - Kai Hikari from OC Universe *re-do*
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
2. Alchemic Mushroom<request> - Amelia de Belvoir *might re-do*
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
3. Dragoncia<request> - Link from wilight Princess *re-do*
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
4. angluvdeath<request> - C.C from Code Geass *re-do*
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
5. Angel<request> - Bunny Sebby from Black Butler *continue*
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
6. HotRamen2Go009<request> - White Ninja *continue, change some details*
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
7. Panda<request> - Lady Panda&Panda *re-do*
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
8. IJ<request> - A tomboy girl walking on the wall under the rain with an umbrella *continue*
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
9. Zuzu<idk wich on is request and which one is art trade XD> - sapph santa, sapph licking, sapph gothic punk (zuzu nosebleed), sapph summer outfit, paper children series, idk what else I missed XD *continue*
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
10. byakuyarox1<challenge prize> - sawako from kimi ni todoke *re-do*
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
11. Black Crow<challenge prize> - random XD *re-do*
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
12. lorrainiaful<challenge prize> - gareki from karneval *re-do*
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
13. dedicated to noone - peacock princess character *continue*
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
14. dedicated to omnoms - fairy of wisdom *continue*
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
15. dedicated to omnoms - sweet couple *continue*
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)

well actually the list is still go on, but these on is half done pieces, so I might be try to finish this one 1st:
1. lileeboo - Nami Kaze
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
2. dedicated to no one - color version of rhage, tony and caleb
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
3. dedicated to no one - robin and starfire
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
4. dedicated to no one - archer
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)
5. Zuzu uchiha - color version of sebba-chan + zuzu's wedding kissng kiss
(sketch) (tracing) (coloring)

WOW! i have a long list and most of them are dedicated to Zuzu XD weird lol

Uploading ^^

I know I'm not active a lot last year, so I decide to be more active this year. Start by uploading some unfinish pictures, but I'll finish it this week. I'll check through my profile and re-do everyone unfinish requests. So if you get a dedication or more from me, please forgive me for the ubeeeeeeeer lateness.

No more PROCRASINATING. So for everyone who happened to make a request before. I'll post the pictures before this month ended. I'm gonna change myself for the best and I'm gonna produce more art! >3