Hi everyone! and thank you for stopping by!

I made this world to showcase an art medium that doesn't have a category on theO: Music!

There are many talented musical fan artists out there, just as we here on theO make wonderful pictures of out favorite(or not so favorite) anime characters, musicians make covers of their favorite songs! So I thought why not feature their art on an art site? So now if I'm browsing the internet and come across something I like, I'll post it here. I usually look up anime and video game soundtracks.

I mostly will be posting links to Youtube videos on this world.

Two for...Wednesday? Pt2

A totally awesome collaboration! I really love Docjazz4's ocarina work!(actually they are both really good artists!)
Hope you like it!

Two for...Wednesday? Pt 1

Figured I'd upload two of these today!
This one is from a popular on Youtube Zelda fan: Sp0ntainius!


Pokemon battle theme

I saw this one featured on Memebase awhile ago, figured the Otakus here would enjoy it!

Scatman John Meets Metal

I found this while browsing youtube for caramell dansen videos, I decided to post this one instead because it is awesome! Also I think the Scatman could use a little love This guy is really talented! As soon as I'm done posting this I'm going back over to youtube to watch more of his videos! Something that I found to be great about this guys work is that he seems to be having a great time as he plays.

Piano-Ghost love score

I love Nightwish's music so one day I discovered this piano cover of one of their longer songs. This video is the reason I decided to make this music themed world! I probably should've posted this one first :P oh well