Paper Craft To The Next Level! =D

Hello everyone!
Ikemarth here, and upon my browsing of the internet, I came across these adorable, tiny, little masterpieces called Paper Craft. If you are good with your hands or just want to try something new, I’d suggest trying these tiny creations. :)

This is one that I made earlier.

Now, I made this one in the image above. I made a tiny Vaporeon :D. Of course, it does look different than the example in the tutorial that I got, and it was my first time making such a thing. It took me a few hours, only because the site didn’t have a detailed step-by-step method on where to connect which parts. But its not hard, you figure it out when you see the pictures. So, on some parts, I just had to wing it ^^”. They say to use “high quality paper”, but regular paper is fine. :3 All you need to do is download the templates, print them off A4 size and do you best to follow the method.

You don't need to settle for Pokemon, you can craft whatever you like. I just chose Pokemon because I'm a Pokemon fan.

If you wish to make a Paper Craft Vaporeon, please go to these links:

Vaporeon Template - HERE

Vaporeon Assemble - HERE

For other Pokemon Papercraft templates and assembles, please go HERE

(These sites are in Japanese, but Google should translate it for you) :3

Happy Crafting