Personal Paper Ocarina of Time :)

Howdy everyone!
Ikemarth here! And once again, I made myself another paper masterpiece!
Calling all Zelda fans! Because this artwork is for you! If you have ever wanted your own personal paper Ocarina of Time, then feast your eyes on this!

I thought I would go for something that was a bit challenging, so browsing the internet; I came across a site called, where they had the coolest paper craft.

As I am a HUGE Zelda fan, I thought I would make an Ocarina of Time.
This is one that I made :)

(Upon the photos I took, (it was stormy outside > <) I tried to make it look like Zelda had just thrown it to Link, like in the game, but then I realised that when she through it, it landed in the river...oh well ^^” )

It did take some time to full complete the Ocarina (only because I spent most of the time playing with my cat ^^”) But it is really fun and I had a hoot and a half making it and placing it together. I guess you could say it “filled my heart with rainbows” [Quote Ghirahim - Zelda: Skyward Sword].

It takes up two pages of printing and comes in several template forms. One has lines and folding numbers (for beginners) and one had no lines or number (which is the one I did). It may look difficult at first, but it was rather simple once you know what you’re doing and it worth it in the end. I have mine displayed in my cupboard.

If you wish to create your personal paper Ocarina of Time, please go to these following links:

For ‘Lines and Numbers’ template, go HERE

For ‘No Lines’ Template, go HERE

For Ocarina assemble guide, go HERE

For other Zelda paper crafts, go HERE

Perhaps next time, I shall make Link’s Fairy, Navi in Paper craft.
Or for a big project, I am thinking of making Link from Twilight Princess from paper!
Wish me luck!