Artist profile: Ajan

Hello, I am Ajan
Not sure which pic to use with my profile though, so sorry about that :/

Well thanks to all who invited me to here I feel excited of what I could offer on here and also learn from here.

My current age, 24 (Feels OLD )

Anime & manga: well there is alot of those but my personal favs are fullmetal alchemist, bleach, one piece and Dragon Ball Z.

Games: Ill play anything!

Art style: Traditional (pencils, charcoals, pencil crayons) I also do painting and digital but not so much now.

About me: Well I have been drawing ever since I was a child around 3 or 4, I think my main influence was my brother, since we compete against each other, but he eventually lost interest in it, and cartoons.When I was younger I would only draw characters from cartoons, anime and comic books till when I reach High school I started drawing different things and trying different art types. By time I went to University to study business I started drawing people more but still anime also, and by the time I reached 2nd year I began to improving, which I mainly think its because of my loner personality, and by then I start selling portraits till while selling I gradually learn and improve on skills. Currently im working in the field of Business and im also an artist.