Let's Catch An Art Thief!

Hey everyone! Ikemarth here. I was supposed to upload this sometime last week, but I ran outta of internet, so, I’m uploading it now. ^^

Recently, Art theft has been spreading like a disease. Lately, Mangakid and myself, plus many artists on theO have had our artwork stolen by the names of others.

For the safety of your artwork, I would like to show you how I discovered how Mangakid’s and my artwork had been used elsewhere. It’s a very simple procedure that you all can do from the comfort of your own laptop and computer to make sure your work is safe. I have even deleted most of my artwork on TheO. Hey, they can’t take what’s not there.

I’m sure you guys all know how to do this, but I will include steps for those who don’t know. I have also included a visual example, just for fun. ^^

Alrighty, let us begin. ^O^

1. Type your Otaku username or another username from other sites into Google Images. Eg. Ikemarth

2. In Google Images, you should see multiple recognised artworks. Be it your wallpapers, eCards or fanarts that you have submitted. However, not all of them may show up, but most of them should.

3. Click on one of your submissions, which should take you to the google images screen thing.

4. To the right, you should see multiply choices such as View website, View full sized image, Search image, Search similar images.

5. Click on the option: Search Image.

6. It should take you back to the ‘web’ screen, where you should see multiple images that may resemble your work, such as similar colours, characters etc.

7. Below that, you should see your submission with The Otaku website. This should be the only site that comes up. (Unless you have other accounts) If other sites show up, it means that someone has either taken your artwork, or used it somehow.
For example, my animal rights eCard has been used in several Tumblr blogs. I am fine with this, as it shows my username, and the users are not saying that it is their work. So there is no need to complain.

But when however, someone on Deviant Art etc, takes your artwork and calls it their own, that is a BIG NO-NO!! Action must be taken.

Art theft is something that should not be tolerated. Why should someone else get credit for your hard work? To avoid this, I would say start putting watermark signatures over your work. Something that cannot be covered up or edited by Photoshop. In which I have started doing myself. What really astounds me is how stupid some people can be. Don’t they realise that the “artist’s work” is constantly changing style!? Honestly! Instead of encouraging them or complimenting them, say something!

To our relief, it’s a good thing that the recent art thieves have been caught and have either deleted the submissions, or their account has been deleted.
I do hope you find these steps helpful, and I do hope they can help identify and save your artwork. We need to keep an eye out for each other and let the artist know if their artwork has been used in the wrong way.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and we wouldn’t be able to get through this without you all. Hugs for all! :)