Just a world for us to all enjoy
the delights of asian cinema please
let me know what you think :)



What is not to love about this man. Is it his utter drop dead
gorgeousness? is it his ability to make you fall in love
with any one he portrays (even a sado-masochistic yakuza nutter)? I don't know but there's something awful swell and incredibly watchable about him. I have started collecting whatever i can get my hands on of him because i have yet to watch anything that disappoints.


i recommend to you....

*Survive style 5+ *Vital *ichi the killer *Last life in the universe *Cafe lumiere *Away with words *The taste of tea

Why not start with a great ...Wong Kar Wai

I don't know about you but i simply cannot get enough of asian
cinema, be it japanese, chinese, korean or thai, i love them all.

So i thought i would start with one of my favourites, for many reasons,
Wong Kar Wai. He has directed some of the most beautiful films i
have ever had the pleasure of watching.
I love how he can portray all the different ways people can form relationships and bonds with each other, and how people cope with the loss of love.
Shot by the genious that is Christopher Doyle, i don't think anyone can afford not to endeavour.

since i think i can only attach one piccy to a post i'll have to go with a screenie from in the mood for love.

other greats from this master include
*2046* *Chungking express *Ashes of time *Happy together
*Fallen angels.